86 Episode 2
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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/Sky9651 · 3 weeks ago
When your smile is so surprising that the cat stops in its tracks lmao.
u/Nobodyimportant · 3 weeks ago
"Leave the army and become a republic citizen again"? She is delusional. Odds are IF any of them survive their tour of duty they will get a .45 caliber retirement package and tossed on the pile with all the others. Government has classified them as non humans so letting them become citizens and move into the country proper isn't going to be allowed.
u/golgameth · 3 weeks ago
this got so good!!
u/Alemariss · 3 weeks ago
Damn, Sawano flexing on us again with the ost.
u/ViewShale · 3 weeks ago