Ahiru no Sora Episode 19
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4.6 (532 votes)
Aired 4 months ago
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u/Sorato · 4 months ago
no matter how much we say he is "tobi" , AnimeUltima still says :"no , he is kite !" :|
u/oceanrh · 4 months ago
A practice game should not take 5 episodes... this is not even championship!
u/Mikhayel · 4 months ago
This game has lasted forever, how long are they going to drag this.. it’s not even an official game.
u/Tilmandra · 4 months ago
Love this show, does not dissapoint!
u/allhigh · 4 months ago
Chiaki might be one of my favorite anime characters ever lolol
u/KingTdot · 4 months ago
when the hell is number 12 (fifth player) going to appear?
u/XavierFoster · 4 months ago
Wow, nurse and Madoka are sisters o.o
u/Ariadna · 4 months ago
The opening is awesome it really has a message that "what you couldnt do in the past, you can do it in the future!!!!!!!" but god i cant wait for the next episode.The tragedy of waiting for another weak for it. Yay go score it back!111
u/SADMAN · 4 months ago
this shitty anime is freaking slow
u/JofvanSnuvels · 4 months ago
if its that shit stop watching and move on to a different hentai fucker
u/UhOhStanky · 4 months ago
Then why have you watched 19 episodes of it...
u/Blytgamer1433 · 4 months ago
This anime only ep 24 right or s2?
u/Ladri_Chan · 4 months ago
It will actually have 50 episodes not 24
u/Kyle21 · 3 months ago
u/Kyle21 · 3 months ago
mama mo 16:48
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