Black Clover Episode 115
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Aired 9 months ago
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u/sarahle143 · 9 months ago
the demon was so cool 0:
u/HopBun · 9 months ago
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u/kreaon · 9 months ago
Realy HopBun ?? will there be even more episodes ??? but i realy can picture some Storys wich would be posible if this demon now escapes :O :O :O Black Clover SAIKOOOO !!!!
u/HopBun · 9 months ago
Well Yeah There 4 kingdom anyways diamond clover spade and heart so yeah this anime is a long anime like 200 episode or maybe more the manga not end yet
u/JudasIscariot · 9 months ago
The anime is almost caught up to the manga so they really need to slow down and take a break before the already poor quality degrades even more due to the ridiculously short amount of time and resources dedicated to production.
The manga's story can only carry it so far if they continue to cut corners and animate it like shit.
u/HopBun · 9 months ago
well there gonna be time skip half year so yeah maybe they pause black clover for time skip like one piece at least not 2 year
u/Cheeselord · 2 months ago
is it bad that I like this devil
u/SupremoHokage · 9 months ago
this episode gave me chills
u/b9k · 9 months ago
ryuk is that you ???
u/spartalee · 9 months ago
This Devil got HAX
Imagine saying what ever comes to reality.
u/Amphire · 9 months ago
me imagining in my head, "come to me dragon maid"
u/Amphire · 9 months ago
me imagining in my head, "come to me dragon maid"
u/xhomxe · 9 months ago
if only asta could transfrom to his full demon form
u/BeWaReJay · 9 months ago
Yea I hope Asta can turn into full demon mode when they both fight the demon
u/Me3 · 9 months ago
Drow encountered. I watched something on YouTube called every anime opening ever. It showed scenes of everyone running and spinning. Now I can't un-notice it.
u/JudasIscariot · 9 months ago
Raia should've teleported to grab that Grimoire and get him some Word Soul Magic.
u/BBonless · 9 months ago
His Grimoire has a different magic than Word Soul
u/ANIME_GOAT · 9 months ago
I swear y can't asta go in his full black form 👿😠
u/39392 · 9 months ago
yo he said bring that ass over here
u/Meltyxx- · 9 months ago
u/Jadiac5 · 9 months ago
Watch out thats a nuclear Bomb
u/shubka · 9 months ago
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u/gabriele02 · 9 months ago
u/Risk · 9 months ago
Remember me dead note anime lol
u/ChiChi · 9 months ago
this ep was really good tho
u/rostafarri1017 · 9 months ago
that was a crazy good episode
u/karan_bhardwaj96 · 9 months ago
this is fucking awesome. love that demon
u/Zeecore · 9 months ago
this anime is the king of new Era
u/JudasIscariot · 9 months ago
Asta's Tiny Devil reveal should be coming soon; can't wait to finally see the Tiny Devil's true form!
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