Black Clover Episode 124
Nero Reminisces... Part Two sub

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Aired 6 months ago
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u/Thorfinn · 6 months ago
i get these guys wanna rest cause they definitely deserve it but if we get another filler next week im gonna be hurt
u/Koh28 · 6 months ago
They're really close to where the manga is now. Expect some slow downs. If they can create a decent filler though it won't be so bad.
u/Orochi · 6 months ago
Or they should just go on a hiatus and resume when they can. It makes no sense to waste money on fillers. I don't get why there are so many anime who do it. It's better to just go on a hiatus like most anime do anyway, with their 12/24 episode package every year.
u/Kyledurbano12 · 6 months ago
I rather them not do that. 12 episodes every year? Yeah no lol. They aren’t gonna have a lot of filler. It’s slowing down so the manga gets ahead that’s all.
u/Kyledurbano12 · 6 months ago
24* episodes I mean.
u/Kyledurbano12 · 6 months ago
128 and 129 won’t be filler
u/dragonslayer · 6 months ago
u/Otaku99 · 6 months ago
you cant blame them for doing this, they deserved to rest cant you guys get it we people gets
u/Jimiskav · 6 months ago
Why are people so mad bruh
u/PusseyDonn · 6 months ago
guys u need to understand that even one piece,the best shonen of them all needs to have at least 2 to 3 weeks of filler or maybe they stop delivering ep like one piece does rn. They need to do this if they want the show to be weekly.
u/indariver · 6 months ago
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u/codedonut · 6 months ago
filler because
1) covid19 in japan
2) season 2 just ended (rather than not airing anything at all until season 3, they chose fillers)
3) really close to where manga is
u/KidBuuBuu12 · 6 months ago
Well they might as well have not aired anything because clip shows are the laziest kind of filler
u/Mr7ellow · 6 months ago
better than spending money giving us fluff content where they cant write any character development
u/KidBuuBuu12 · 6 months ago
How is that better? They're wasting money on an episode nobody wants to watch. Clip shows haven't been relevant or popular for about 2 decades now. If you wanted to watch a clip show you could watch a fan compilation video on Youtube. This episode has no reason to exist aside from annoying the fans and wasting what little money they spent on this episode.
u/codedonut · 6 months ago
it pretty much gives those in quarentine something to still watch and do with their time.
u/justaweeb · 6 months ago
Im here just for the op and ed
u/Dorabyte · 6 months ago
from now on youre my hero XDDD
u/etownzu · 6 months ago
u/MMAHER7 · 6 months ago
another recap episode 🙁
u/es__se · 6 months ago
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u/Blightgod · 6 months ago
well they had to add fillers since the show is pretty close to manga now
u/SwapnilThapa · 6 months ago
filler filler filler 😭
u/GlowingMineTail · 6 months ago
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u/-____- · 6 months ago
u/Darkdrake · 6 months ago
I understand about the first one but why second time again wtf mann!
u/kingk · 6 months ago
give black clover a rest
u/Woethebro · 6 months ago
is the budget higher or is it me and opening v3
u/zxion · 6 months ago
behenchod another lavda episode
u/scarfox2 · 6 months ago
look at all these butthurt comment who don't understand people feelings. I can testify that people who don't understand others feelings is the one who tend to shove their opinion in people throat because "we deserve more" kind of self entitled children who can't recuperate people's feeling. The production work so hard for this anime they deserve a rest. Quit bitching and grows sense of dignity and respect for others. Kids should feel grateful that this anime didn't end with 24 episode jeez..
u/Hehehehe489 · 6 months ago
bro shut yo bitch ass tf up people get the team works hard a may need breaks but their asking for actual filler instead of recap if your just as butthurt as people complaining feel free to help them animate it if not shut up your opinion is unwanted.
u/scarfox2 · 6 months ago
Nice grammar i dont understand what you implying nor do I bother. I reply to you because you being a triggered ass kiddo. Let me correct you on your very first statement and impression of me. I dont imply this to anyone who wishes for the animation to put actual filler instead of recap but they had their reason, telling people to shut up because you dont agree and cant hold a solid arguement shows that you are butthurt.
u/javipapi · 6 months ago
u/natsuki2 · 6 months ago
u/bennsce · 6 months ago
sex s
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