Black Clover Episode 126
The Blue Rose's Confession sub

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Aired 6 months ago
Updated September 29, 2020 · 46.6k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Yevon 路 6 months ago
I am now scared that Gordon has become self aware, he straight up looked into what would be the camera breaking the 4th wall at the end there O_0
u/whytryphan 路 6 months ago
Charlotte going crazy mood is what I live for LMFAO 馃槶
u/StarTuna 路 6 months ago
17:44 What's with that expression Nero? You got something with Asta or what?
u/creed345 路 6 months ago
Yeah i'm glad i'm not the only who noticed that jealous stare xP
u/ProudWeeb69 路 5 months ago
I'm thinking that she gave that stare as of how clueless Asta is, I think she knows that Noelle likes Asta and she's seen how clueless Yami can be too
u/Champloo_Dood 路 6 months ago
Charlotte looks FAR better with her hair down. Glad nearly all of her squad cheered her on too. That and the fact that they weren't really hardcore about the whole anti-men thing.
u/Bluekiller 路 6 months ago
yha that was creepy and I'm dying of laughter
u/Razer 路 6 months ago
Gordon looks scary af
u/Risk 路 6 months ago
next episode Addams family come out black clover 馃槀
u/papabenj 路 6 months ago
Charlotte 馃槏
u/Manja-Man 路 6 months ago
Gotta say, I really do like the change of pace. Like the holesome content
u/PusseyDonn 路 6 months ago
is it a filler or yami came to charlotte place??
u/Hoodedbeastie 路 6 months ago
nope this was canon
u/Atlantis 路 6 months ago
Binge Watched upto this episode in 4 days, didn't even miss recaps and fillers
u/hotbox187 路 6 months ago
i am dying laughing
u/Johnpaul03 路 6 months ago
me too
u/xAR 路 6 months ago
i dead bless my soul
u/StarTuna 路 6 months ago
Manga readers be like:

Asta has...
u/MAEL 路 6 months ago
buff pp
u/ilikeanimexxx 路 6 months ago
charlotte went rage mode
u/Light_2007_yt 路 6 months ago
im scared for the next ep
u/StarTuna 路 6 months ago
PusseyDon it's not. It's in the manga. You should try reading the manga of it too
u/2hands 路 6 months ago
Never get tired of this op, my favorite by far.
u/phantomrabbit535 路 6 months ago
Sol you pour lesbian
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