Black Clover Episode 141
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Aired 4 weeks ago
Updated September 29, 2020 · 33k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/esseisan · 4 weeks ago
This video file cannot be played.
(Error Code: 232011)
u/Dark_rock · 4 weeks ago
u/chipsoul · 4 weeks ago
ive been trying for the last hour
u/asidender · 4 weeks ago
Have you guys refreshed? That’s usually works for me and like the guys below change the server
u/chipsoul · 4 weeks ago
ive been refreshing for hours, but luckily i was able to get it to work
u/asidender · 3 weeks ago
if refreshing doesnt work then i normally re-enter the url or cut the episode part of the url which takes me to the homepage and paste it back
u/Big_Guy99 · 3 weeks ago
just switch source player in top left corner to other sub version and watch it
u/betty_bought_ · 3 weeks ago
I have been trying all day but it's not working for me
u/antyone · 4 weeks ago
Black Clover been shit for like the past 10+ episodes, god I cant take this boring shit anymore..
u/MattMur1212 · 3 weeks ago
I feel you man. You can't you can't even enjoy the show by filler standards because every episode for like the last 10 episodes has been just nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia with nothing interesting going on. And if people actually wanna keep pretending this is an arc and not filler (which it is) then this is one of the worst training arcs ever made.
u/PotatoRa · 3 weeks ago
they complain about a time skip
they complain about filler

they complain about boring characters
they complain about character development

make up your minds you hypocrites
u/Noir · 2 weeks ago
They been spending time on twitter again.
u/aadamkun · 4 weeks ago
bruh i cant even watch the episode
u/Rikuhascoffee · 4 weeks ago
Okay so why is everyone getting the playback error all of the sudden? I've used this site for ages and suddenly the error has become the norm.
u/blackEye_night · 4 weeks ago
use the dood server it works. you can choose it from the top left corner
u/Rikuhascoffee · 3 weeks ago
yeah well its not there yet, as of posting the prior. its there now but wasn't before since I was here early.
u/karannanda · 4 weeks ago
first lessgo and sick episode ngl
u/karannanda · 4 weeks ago
first lessgo and sick episode ngl
u/AgentCookie · 4 weeks ago
EPICLY 420th
u/AgentCookie · 4 weeks ago
The leader of this mission is like Gaara in many ways
u/airaaaaa · 4 weeks ago
u/airaaaaa · 4 weeks ago
u/XENPA1 · 4 weeks ago
new Opening!!
u/XENPA1 · 4 weeks ago
new Opening!!
u/karannanda · 4 weeks ago
whoever can't watch it download the app
u/Gugugill14 · 4 weeks ago
new opening and ending
u/--ERIKA--CHAN-- · 4 weeks ago
I like the new op
u/PbaloThesecond · 4 weeks ago
it's lit
u/Young_dagger_dx · 4 weeks ago
why this opening so sexyyy tho 🥺
u/one2three · 4 weeks ago
Well if you can't watch the video and it says error, try to change the channel, in top left corner
u/kautik · 4 weeks ago
change ur video player on top left