Black Clover Episode 36
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Aired 2 years ago
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u/Firebird · 1 year ago
"ill sue you for copyright infringement" XD I died
u/Memeucious · 6 months ago
bro she literally got a fuckin 10 inch hole on her abdomen how tf she can survive that?? even asta almost died from mars shards and it didnt even pierce right through him
u/Zander · 5 months ago
also, there is no way Yami didn't get isekai'd into this world
u/Julio_Ramos · 5 months ago
that's dude looks like orochimaru!
u/Zander · 5 months ago
for like 5 straight min, I was like who the fuck is Dana. Then I was like, ohhh edgy gem guys' girlfriend
u/LunarMoona · 2 months ago
Same... Lol
u/TJM_tjm · 4 months ago
I love how Captain Roselei called Yami useless when she had literally rocked up after a large percent of the fighting was over and batted one attack away, but the Black Bulls had already beaten Licht and the spacial magic comerade and Yami had been fending off all of the third eye on his own.
u/wgonzalo22 · 9 months ago
The fuck fana is alive????
u/Hackboianime · 6 months ago

u/Linny · 6 months ago
u guys are idiots ofc fana is alive she didnt die in the free for all fight she only gave her powers to mars
u/coolio123 · 4 months ago
he gon be sued
u/TJM_tjm · 4 months ago
Never mind, I understand why she said that now 😂😂
u/OrangeGirl · 3 months ago
no "linny" you're the idiot
u/OrangeGirl · 3 months ago
no "linny" you're the idiot
u/arya9991 · 2 months ago
just fucking kill him
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