Black Clover Episode 68
Battle to the Death?! Yami vs Jack sub

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Aired 1 year ago
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u/BennySenpai · 1 year ago
most of you probably agree that we need a whole episode based on Gordon just like we got with most members of the black bulls
u/KyousukeSanosuke · 1 year ago
yeah. I just need a taste of his powers
u/beeandwin · 9 months ago
"you guy still miss me ,lol, i'm still your best friend"
u/EternalDwarf · 1 year ago
I honestly hope that Noelle and Asta get together
u/Darwen_2 · 1 year ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/CannedEggyolk · 1 year ago
lol im just commenting for no reason
u/42epsperday · 1 year ago
The captain of blue rose
u/Babayaya · 1 year ago
when will the spade and heart kingdom appear?
u/KyousukeSanosuke · 1 year ago
In episode 150 probably. This series are made to last a while
u/BlueJayFrosty · 1 year ago
yo who was that at the end
u/OtakuNami · 1 year ago
Wife vanessa drinks alot
u/Lunyhime95 · 1 year ago
so Yami is also in on the salt meme
u/BlueJayFrosty · 1 year ago
ay im like the first one to watch lol
u/Axelblaxer · 1 year ago
This woman is attracted to black dick wow
u/sanchit_cavale · 1 year ago
u/WeebGod · 9 months ago
thaat nigga has some long ass nails
u/Danny · 1 year ago
Now I want to create the grilled squid shown in the "Petit Clover."
u/Gonpachiro · 9 months ago
u/CarlGaming · 8 months ago
i think its asta's mother?
u/Junny · 7 months ago
u/Alizatf · 5 months ago
4:10 Noelle says "I guess i did blow him off" 👀
u/NotAWattpader · 5 months ago
u/DripKage · 4 months ago
Captain yami uses amtarasu
u/Tope18 · 3 weeks ago
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