Black Clover Episode 70
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4.7 (5418 votes)
Aired 1 year ago
Updated September 29, 2020 · 84.2k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/BlueJayFrosty · 1 year ago
BROOOOO that emo dude finally talked
u/HugedJackedMan · 1 year ago
Gordon? He's always been talking, where have you been!
u/Aralent · 1 year ago
He meant when he talked loud.
u/thegillmaster · 1 year ago
u/DvHunta · 1 year ago
I think they showed the line up for the royal knights in the previous opening or ending.
u/deadlywalrus · 1 year ago
u/Risk · 1 year ago
YES YES all magic knight royal battle this come 3vs3 ya get ready guy get hyper
u/Danny · 1 year ago
Hell yeah! I can't wait~!
u/Danny · 1 year ago
Hell yeah! I can't wait~!
u/Arif1221 · 1 year ago
I toooooooo!!!
u/ChopStickz · 1 year ago
added up numbers seems like black bulls actually got 69 stars
u/hrithikjho · 1 year ago
Hmmmm. good ep
u/kilevvri1 · 1 year ago
Well, this new line sounds interesting. Bring it on in as few episodes as possible please.
u/DvHunta · 1 year ago
now that i know theres gonna be a tourney i dont care how long it takes to come ill watch every ep till then. This is gona be lit.
u/Danny · 1 year ago
Hell yeah! I can't wait~!
u/DarkLord · 1 year ago
I'm so hypt guys
u/BlackPanda · 1 year ago
Good ep, the next one i cant wait
u/RadiantSeth · 1 year ago
I can’t wait!!
u/Darkprince · 1 year ago
21.30 who is that redhair?
u/Chigo · 1 year ago
Wonder if Black Bulls would've gotten first if they weren't in the negative
u/banirakyarameru · 1 year ago
omfg!!! this is totally one of my favorite episode so far, especially its own chapter from the manga uwu
u/1LoveChez · 8 months ago
69 points for the praying mantises lmao
u/Dathomir · 5 months ago
when asta dissed the king, even the silver eagles captain smiled daamn
u/Juniorzags · 4 months ago
I think this is the first time I see a shonen protagonist get the recognition they deserve
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