Black Clover Episode 73
The Royal Knights Selection Test sub

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Aired 1 year ago
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u/Budhaditya · 1 year ago
Man they could have shown the first fight!!!
u/Maj1 · 1 year ago
I just hope the animation is good
u/Danny · 1 year ago
Xerx is by far my favorite character.
u/somerandoweirdo · 1 year ago
Im just mainly interested Noelle and Solid's upcoming fight I want her to bash that bastard up!!!
u/BlackPanda · 1 year ago
Ms charmy bro lol front row seat an the wizard king is just chill with it hahaha
u/bossgammer1 · 3 weeks ago
u/kubongaming · 1 year ago
They did not just leave off at this part. I feel betrayed.
u/dude808 · 1 year ago
that xerx guy gives me some joseph joestar vibes
u/BeWaReJay · 1 year ago
People need to fr stop talking about jojo and how it references to characters that don't relate to him at all (not saying it doesn't for your comparison)
u/Mein · 1 year ago
oh are you approaching me?
u/animeyeets_yat · 1 year ago
I'm hyped to see what Xerx can do
u/Airo1010 · 1 year ago
im so hyped for the first battle but they could have at least let us see the first battle!!!!
u/Woethebro · 1 year ago
i can't wait till asta just destroys xerx ass
u/KyousukeSanosuke · 1 year ago
this arc will sure last a while
u/Credds · 1 year ago
First hehehe
u/ChopStickz · 1 year ago
u/kubongaming · 1 year ago
They did not just leave off at this part. I feel betrayed.
u/BeWaReJay · 1 year ago
Omg the cliffhanger... time to wait another week just to get a recap probably (just playing)
u/Breadface202 · 1 year ago
cant wait for the battle
u/Prinzerious · 1 year ago
What are you guys saying? He's not Xerx, He's just pretending to be Xerx. Apparently Xerx did an expedition and by the time he arrived at the Clover kingdom and the guy who was pretending to be "Xerx", defended an old woman that was in distress because of the real Xerx and he defeated the real Xerx and took the robe and went to find some more Magic knights to humiliate.
u/Prinzerious · 1 year ago
and then he arrived wearing Xerx's robe and clearly no one knows him and clearly the Wizard king's assistant noticed that the robe he's wearing is from the real Xerx's
u/Prinzerious · 1 year ago
and the wizard king is clearly acting that he did not notice, you can notice it when the wizard king laughed and said "Looks like he gave himself quite the makeover after that long expedition of his" and then his assistant said "This is no laughing matter, Sir!" and then look at the Wizard king's face. You can clearly notice it.

Read or understand it more carefully guys.
u/1LoveChez · 8 months ago
who the hell is the masked guy
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