Black Clover Episode 90
Crazy Magic Battle sub

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Aired 1 year ago
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u/Lunyhime95 · 1 year ago
yall gangsta until the house starts moving-- a quote from the webs
u/Orochi · 1 year ago
"This episode was aired 6 months 3 weeks 3 days ago." What the heck?
u/Hoodedbeastie · 1 year ago
Mask guy and Licht are never in the same room together... pretty sure one of them is Batman
u/Lightningra · 1 year ago
Oh yeah this new ending is foreshadowing an epic battle to come
u/b9k · 1 year ago
this petitto clova is awesomest
u/Chillx · 1 year ago
The time in anime is so slow, like when the Caesar doll blasts like 2 elements the building moves so slow just to block the attacks and the blasts goes rapidly. But the building manages to block the rapid blasts.
u/Fiqry · 1 year ago
bro that normal. is like a big guy have bigger step, while small guy have smaller step
u/Chillx · 1 year ago
Not gonna argue but when Henry gets like a flashback that crazy dude with the Caesar doll doesn’t attack him? Or maybe the other black bulls members are fighting the villains? That happens in like some anime lol
u/Instive · 1 year ago
u/Orochi · 1 year ago
Funny the dungeon thing with Valtos after the ending theme. If only the traps were faster, he wouldn't have taken the stone to put in the Jewish tree of "life".
u/gamientaints · 1 year ago
After 13 minutes... This show became Power Rangers..
u/suhdude42 · 1 year ago
u/Zuhayr4 · 1 year ago
u/krammer · 1 year ago
nice oone
u/under · 1 year ago
same wth ?
u/LilFlexin · 1 year ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/SintriacLxne · 1 year ago
What did that say
u/shooticide · 1 year ago
u/Me3 · 1 year ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Light_2007_yt · 1 year ago
yooooooo they were at asta and yuno's home
u/godeshot · 1 year ago
idk if there is a way, but could you make the episodes less lagier??
u/Lennon29 · 1 year ago
That's your pc's problem. It works smooth for me.
u/b9k · 1 year ago
Damn lag. I failed at making an algorithm to use image recognition to detect scenes with Henry and speed up the silences.
u/flash45 · 10 months ago
there servers are very fast for me. what bandwidth do you have? maybe try using a vpn
u/Instive · 1 year ago
Henry looks like Kaidou and Ban mixed together
(Those are characters from different animes)
u/Jaybeezos · 9 months ago
I appreciate how I recognize who you are talking about when you mention Kaidou.
u/sunflowerrr · 1 year ago
dang henry needs a haircut
u/Jaybeezos · 9 months ago
I'm no manga reader, but something tells me that thing is gonna be resurrected, Asta will defeat it in a epic showdown and then Asta will be crowned the new Wizard King.
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