Black Clover Episode 95
Reincarnation dub

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Aired 11 months ago
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u/Abbx · 11 months ago
How do you end on the exact same cliffhanger two times in a row? This anime lol
u/Light_2007_yt · 11 months ago
it was showing the past of the elfs
u/Alpha316 · 10 months ago
This whole episode could have been explained in 10 min and not take up an entire show.
u/Mr7ellow · 10 months ago
yes it can that's why they have a manga.
u/true-expert · 1 month ago
They have a reason to make this chapter take up the whole episode .
u/TwilightSky · 10 months ago
It's because its Anime that is does this lol.
u/RemnantMemory · 11 months ago
Yuno's Licht son? He's an orphan and have wind element just like Licht wife
u/blue · 11 months ago
licht son is in yuno
u/abas2 · 11 months ago
Nope. Yuno have black hair. both Licht and his wife doesnt have black hair
u/eeyors · 10 months ago
that's not how genetics works he could still have black hair lol
u/abas2 · 10 months ago
in anime they do
u/Kazehaya · 10 months ago
Perhaps it was a recessive gene to have black hair?
u/Sage-kun · 10 months ago
The massacre was a long time ago the child was reincarnated which has nothing to do with genetics
u/anime-only · 11 months ago
mmm bruh i was looking forward to this but its a fking filler
u/Mr7ellow · 10 months ago
its not even close to a filler
u/Lennon29 · 11 months ago
how a filler when we get more information
u/Fog · 11 months ago
New opening is pretty nice, also it was cool to see a bit more of Licht's past but they still didn't tell us exactly what happened, we can have a guess of who did it but like, no confirmations at all... Inb4 the culprit just comes out at some point all like "it was just a prank, bro!"
u/Hokagevengeance · 11 months ago
yooo wtf lit episode
u/NextLevel · 11 months ago
wtf you on?
u/Kazehaya · 11 months ago
Liking something is subjective
u/NextLevel · 10 months ago
it was litterly a recap. How would you like that?
u/NextLevel · 10 months ago
he is on something.
u/Kazehaya · 10 months ago
Recaps are great my dude, it sure as hell just built up the suspense didn't it
u/NextLevel · 10 months ago
But waiting another week?
u/Kazehaya · 10 months ago
It's all good bro, once you watch a whole lotta shows with cliffhangers, hell, you get used to it
u/BeWaReJay · 11 months ago
The new opening is complete garbage imo... I guess I gotta wait 4 more months for a new opening
u/kanyin1100 · 11 months ago
dw, i don't think the anime will last another 4 months
u/4n1m3 · 10 months ago
The manga must be over
u/tangg · 10 months ago
first black clover opening i dislike so far, maybe if i listen to it a couple more times itll grow on me? idk i just dont like it as of now
u/TwilightSky · 10 months ago
Ok, so Patsy, reincarnated with the same face as Licht, but isn't actually the real Licht. So what are the chances that the Real Licht reincarnated into Yuno? Becuase, y'know, they both have 4 Leaf Clover Grimoires.
u/Me3 · 10 months ago
I think it's the same one, they both do air magic.
u/Sage-kun · 10 months ago
Licht doesnt use wind neither the real one or patri
u/Szhuno · 11 months ago
the new op looks amazing
u/Me3 · 11 months ago
Time to find some orcs, they're always happy to kill elves.
u/jelileltheki · 11 months ago
some bs might have hapend and they survived
u/Woethebro · 10 months ago
bro they clifhanged us 2 times with the same ending omg time to wait another week
u/Mr7ellow · 10 months ago
worth the wait trust these next few episodes will be fire, probably saving money for effects.
u/avi_uzumaki · 11 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/-ガブリエル · 11 months ago
u/GetRekt1401 · 11 months ago
OP sugoi
u/Exerxes · 11 months ago
They should just have been friends and not mingle with eachother, The elves would end up destroying their own race by mixing with humans since humans were numerous.
u/AlexM223 · 11 months ago
So who's the one who got reincarnated into litch's form?
u/eeyors · 11 months ago
the kid that was always around him
u/TwilightSky · 10 months ago
u/jelileltheki · 11 months ago
i think asta is litch son
u/HalfAnim · 11 months ago
this ep is total bs who cares about that junk, next week good but this was just a flash back ep
u/Mr7ellow · 10 months ago
(who cares about that junk) explains the entire motive of the main antagonist in the show. "OMG BRO WHAT A FILLER......"
u/Djtrizzle · 11 months ago
Fake Licht (Patry) wnts to fully reincarnate everyone, but also somehow has Licht's actual body.
u/ilyas · 11 months ago
btw who ever actually thinks like asta or yuno are litch's son ffs they are not i mean what hpnd to elves was like when there was the 1st magic king i am pretty sure so how tf can theur child be in this era if it survived lol
u/Mr7ellow · 10 months ago
The same fkn way ang in the last airbender did but with magic. or the same thing that happened to licht but in a purer form as he would want to protect his children to the fullest. maybe asta and yuno are the same soul but split as they have the opposite of a lot of each others qualities like how one has all the magical power and how asta has adhd but yuno is super chilled
u/Sage-kun · 10 months ago
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