Black Clover Episode 139
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Aired 1 year ago
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u/Rikuhascoffee · 1 year ago
When filler is watchable, grow up if they did the time-skip now the animation would suffer and all we'd have is people bitching about that instead of filler. So enjoy wife Vanessa for the meme and go re-read the manga.
u/Rickio · 1 year ago
tbh the filler episodes aren't bad, i prefer to see what they were doing to train. i like anine who shows how the characters got their development
u/ultradenisbg · 1 year ago
same here, idk why they wanna rush so much :/
u/MattMur1212 · 1 year ago
Some of them have been awful. And filler is not character development.
u/Judas_Iscariot · 1 year ago
These episodes have been dedicated to character development though which is why they aren't filler.
u/MattMur1212 · 1 year ago
But there is no character development in them. And character development can still be filler because Dbz and Naruto have both used filler to expand on offscreen moments without torturing their audience with this lazy nostalgia crap. I'm ok with filler but at least do something original so it's actually entertaining. Even as infamous Naruto filler is atleast they try to put some original ideas in there filler instead of relying on old ideas, old characters, old jokes reused in crappy episodes.
u/_Vert · 1 year ago
you guys need to understand that this is a training arc for each character
u/sylvestrexy · 1 year ago
the fillers are good for the characters progression
u/VintagePredator · 1 year ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Judas_Iscariot · 1 year ago
There isn't going to be a time skip in the anime, we're getting a training arc instead so Tabata can get some distance with the Manga. He did the time skip in the manga fully intending to flesh out those six months in the anime, so like it or not it's canon character development for the next few weeks.
u/airaaaaa · 1 year ago
i love fillers ep, its not thad bad tho.
u/Yosko · 1 year ago
its not a filler tho
u/bitchloid · 1 year ago
new episode
u/VintagePredator · 1 year ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/jovanie16 · 1 year ago
-vintagepredator That's because the anime are catching up on manga
u/kautik · 1 year ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/ByanJoseph · 1 year ago
u/Bluekiller · 1 year ago
time skip is coming up in a ep or two
u/Luelito · 1 year ago
yal talm bout this filler imagine if this was boruto💀
u/ultradenisbg · 1 year ago
true, boruto has tons and tons of fillers, this isnt even close to it
u/MattMur1212 · 1 year ago
I'll still come back every week to be fair before i judge but this episode was complete trash. Almost put me to sleep. This show is becoming a chore to watch but i love the characters.
u/Larsenist · 1 year ago
Is every Black Bull going to pull a Sasuke?
u/kingk · 1 year ago
either end the series and make it seasonal like MHA with GOOD ANIMATION or animate the time skip
u/ultradenisbg · 1 year ago
lol, ya'll complain how there are way too much fillers, but i bet 50% of ya'll watch boruto and still enjoy it >:D
u/Alizatff · 1 year ago
Nah I don't like boruto, only new-gen I watch is black clover lmao, one punch man, etc
u/FREEZA · 1 year ago
people saying that this is filler =🤡
u/MattMur1212 · 1 year ago
Because it is. It's literally just a nostalgia fest.
u/jr_redeyes · 1 year ago
u/SHIIIZA · 1 year ago
so this where the salt comes from huh
u/SHIIIZA · 1 year ago
so this where the salt comes from huh
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