Black Clover Episode 140
A Favor for Julius sub

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Aired 1 year ago
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u/Moji · 1 year ago
Sally would give one hell of a bj with that tongue.
u/RetroEndless · 9 months ago
She'd dissect the member before giving it any sort of service.
u/umut508 · 1 year ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Obama69420 · 1 year ago
what the actual fuck
u/badgas · 1 year ago
Well... that escalated quickly
u/umut508 · 1 year ago
Oh fuck you ı can have my fantasies
u/OneWindyBoi · 1 year ago
what did it say
tell me
u/Obama69420 · 1 year ago
he wanted sally to kiss asta and ask him to give her his sperm
u/OneWindyBoi · 10 months ago
the fuck
u/RetroEndless · 9 months ago
That's a statement that would lead anyone straight to hell.
u/PierceTheHeavens · 1 year ago
did that really say "arandom village" lmfao
u/JonDoe297 · 1 year ago
u/Monsif · 1 year ago
yay i sttill like the fact of the wizard king being a kid
u/Rickio · 1 year ago
u/PhantomPlays · 1 year ago
u/Ayman32467 · 1 year ago
guys why doesn't the episode work what should I do anyone help please
u/Zohair · 1 year ago
it was a filler but pretty good, i think it is going to straight forward and i think it needs a time skip aswell, just like how One Piece had the time skip, otherwise this anime's animation is getting better and i personally think it a very good anime
u/yuan014 · 1 year ago
i love this episode, the wizard king is noble in heart.
u/Flypybird · 1 year ago
bruh its been so long since The Wizard King turned into a kid that now I feel like he always has been a kid...
u/umut508 · 1 year ago
ı wish sally Kiss asta then when shes about to go in the portal she whould say "oh! right ASTA NEXT TİME WHEN I COME I WOULD LİKE TO COLLECT YOUR SPERM TO👋 (all while yelling)" then noelle gets angry and turn red all over then say : I NEVER LET YOU DO İT 😡" then think what she said and water blast asta . and my old comment got shit on the peaple who dislike my old comment ....

u/quinkboi · 1 year ago
yes I am indeed Quinn boi
u/Killua_ · 1 year ago
u/TheGeneral · 1 year ago
where is Yuuno?
u/asidender · 1 year ago
Yuno went to a different anime he is now in the misfit of demon king academy but with red eyes
u/XENPA1 · 1 year ago
u/asidender · 1 year ago
Wait I know this is probably be debunked but I think yuno is the spare king pure because of hair style no questions asked
u/asidender · 1 year ago
And just like that the next episode preview busted my already busteable theory
u/Rickio · 1 year ago
Sally is so freaking cute
u/Ayman32467 · 1 year ago
why doesn't it work for me
u/SHIIIZA · 1 year ago
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