Black Clover Episode 106
Path of Revenge, Path of Atonement sub

4.7 (5529 votes)
Aired 1 year ago
Updated October 25, 2020 · 73.3k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Atimus · 1 year ago
No shounen is complete without a couple episodes of cartoon viberance. I was hoping for a less than serious episode. This is hilarious. "Lets eat and destroy our enemies!" Its like a comedic representation of how the vikings dominated the coasts of northern Europe. I now made an account because this beta is the Sh*****t. Never miss an episode again!
u/zanderjs · 1 year ago
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u/weebMinator · 1 year ago
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u/zanderjs · 1 year ago
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u/MystSenpai · 11 months ago
every ep someone says this exact thing
u/tmen900 · 1 year ago
I like this ep and i love this show so Can't wait into the next one
u/Risk · 11 months ago
you like this anime ^^ but you know this anime got copy older anime lot people don't know it hehe
u/N8bbs · 1 year ago
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u/Pepoxler · 1 year ago
Ppl Say you to read the manga all time. there is some stuff that doesnt happen in the same order like the fight with fuegoleon happens after luck vs magna happens in the manga so the best point to start is at chapter 163 or chapter 164
u/TheInfinite1 · 11 months ago
i didn't mind this episode. people's standards are just too high
u/geoffmemes · 1 year ago
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u/Aksthegamer · 1 year ago
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u/Lebard · 10 months ago
This squad rn :'D
u/Bluekiller · 10 months ago
best anime
u/ligaya · 6 months ago
whats wrong with these people? if you think this anime is trash then stop watching it, how come you ended up watching this til ep 106??? lmao stop HAHAHAHAHAHA
u/LaydeeKali · 1 year ago
glad for this set up
u/miru · 1 year ago
Anyone know what manga chapter this takes place in? Think I'm gonna start reading the manga rather than watching the anime
u/freya · 1 year ago
They messed up the chronology when adapting the manga for this arc so I think you should just start around chapter 142-43. That's roughly when the whole Elf arc starts.
I also prefer the manga. I just wish Pierrot would give some of the budget they have for Boruto to Black Clover!
u/miru · 1 year ago
honestly, this show could be so good if production was just better :(
u/Jaybeezos · 7 months ago
I honestly don't care. Its basically like watching/reading One Piece. You want the properly drawn key-frames, or do you want voice acting and music to accompany it. If I was watching this stuff for the story then I would be kinda bored. I just like cartoons.
u/FluffyPieceOSheet · 11 months ago
Signe Petition to end Boruto
u/OTAKU-CHAN · 11 months ago
not gunna lie the animations are kinda getting worse its still good but it just lookes less epic and more derpy (still a great show)
u/Luhar93 · 10 months ago
So they became the Power Rangers? lol
u/iliketiggers10 · 9 months ago
is it me or is charmy OP? she can make a bowl or food and it would give you back all your magic.
u/DarkPower · 8 months ago
Yamete Kudasai
u/yamuva · 6 months ago
fags 1
u/nizal452 · 6 months ago
quite enjoyable ep though
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