Black Clover Episode 136
A Black Deep-Sea Story sub

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Aired 2 months ago
Updated October 25, 2020 · 31.8k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/lulTim · 2 months ago
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u/Bufflarz · 2 months ago
Damn, imagine asking when the timeskip will happen. smh just enjoy the show ffs.
u/BROWNlE · 2 months ago
3 fillers back to back? what is this, one piece?
u/v1tall · 2 months ago
Anime is almost caught up with the manga so they do some filler for a while instead, otherwise it will actually become one piece where shit is only happening in 2 max 5 of the 20 minutes.
u/Orochi · 2 months ago
It's better to put the anime on a hiatus than having fillers. Fillers are a waste of money that they could use instead to improve the quality of each real episode.
u/Mr7ellow · 2 months ago
they actually provide money thats why they do them, they give them the same money return because its still an episode, so they can save money for more expensive episodes
u/yabadatoink · 2 months ago
is it me that the animation got better?
u/Vortex819 · 2 months ago
i am so hyped :)
u/AgentCookie · 2 months ago
Finral is an anime simp...
u/lulTim · 2 months ago
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u/Deauski · 2 months ago
13:58 you can not tell me that didn't sound like a gun
u/Kira1699 · 2 months ago
lol they got locked and loaded
u/Nastyjoin · 2 months ago
Are they going to show all the black bull training? That's my guess
u/hinaAp · 2 months ago
finally been waiting all day
u/geoffmemes · 2 months ago
i hope there will be a date asta and noelle in the future
u/Jefu · 2 months ago
u/waifu_loli · 2 months ago
im done
u/waifu_loli · 2 months ago
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u/azunyan00 · 2 months ago
man when is the timeskip gonna begin?
u/golgameth · 2 months ago
the anime will not have a timeskip. they'll be showing the training and such that happened during the timeskip.
u/winhtut · 2 months ago
this ed makes me feel relaxed
u/Alexthegreat · 2 months ago
When is will episode 129 be dubbed
u/Orochi · 2 months ago
Please, don't use names of amazing historical characters if you can't even write properly in English.
u/hentaiisart · 2 months ago
there name is probably Alex, stop being so stuck up about so guy thats been dead for 1000s of years. It;s not even like you knew the guy.
u/kingk · 2 months ago
this episode looked amazing
u/fingertrip · 2 months ago
wait is this episode canon
u/UVRage · 2 months ago
No, in the manga there's just a timeskip and nothing is said about what happened during this time so it CoUlD be though...
u/DKING4321 · 2 months ago
filler episode again
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