Black Clover Episode 146
Those Who Worship the Devil sub

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Aired 2 weeks ago
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u/memelordhokage · 2 weeks ago
I am halfway through the ep rn and I'm telling ya, if anyone except Asta can use the powers of the devil Asta can use I am gonna fucking slap the hell out of the writers. My personal opinion but I would hate the legit one thing Asta does be done by some run-of-the-mill wanna be devil ass-kissers
u/doofuzz · 2 weeks ago
whos gonna tell him
u/memelordhokage · 2 weeks ago
Bruh legit the only original thing about Asta is being stolen by random peasants. If someone actually strong or that other devil does it, no problem. Something monstrous like possession or something like Naruto in his Kyubii form before he could control Kurama is still ok but just not something like what Asta does. Personal opinion and probably uncommon but nonetheless.
u/DiegoBrandosHair · 2 weeks ago
I feel you, also pisses me off that they think they can just obtain power when they don't know the work Asta put in, smh. I REALLY fucking hope one of the characters addresses that.
u/Deathpacito · 2 weeks ago
Asta is the only one who can use his specific devil because it has anti magic and anyone else would die from having their magic absorbed. There are other devils with different magic that can give their powers to other people.
u/KILLER143 · 2 weeks ago
ahhhh lag
u/Sageisagod44 · 2 weeks ago
tbh after they capture nero and get asta grimoire back i wouldn't be surprised if they say that they took the devil out of his grimoire 😂😂
u/SilverAres · 2 weeks ago
Leave a like if you also hate that B*tch Dazu
u/Glizzock2x · 2 weeks ago
this show is fun
u/xzey · 2 weeks ago
everybody's scared to say filler bc theyll get bombarded with dislikes
u/asidender · 2 weeks ago
because it's not filler and people who are serious about it are stupid and don't know what 'canon' means. but I respect that you think this is filler but aren't complaining openly hope what I said informs you well
u/sweatgamer · 2 weeks ago
black traid took Yami😿
u/Reuben500 · 2 weeks ago
nice 👍
u/--ERIKA--CHAN-- · 2 weeks ago
what a pain
dazu ya bitch no one can save the queen if u took asta's grimoire
u/Gugugill14 · 2 weeks ago
vice captain of black bulls can use devil magic
u/Gugugill14 · 2 weeks ago
vice captain of black bulls can use devil magic
u/umipigjohanne · 2 weeks ago
I hate that dazu and that bow ther ther the worst stupid people
u/Jefu · 2 weeks ago
its chewsday innit
u/Fury_X · 2 weeks ago
i really want more episodes
u/Fury_X · 2 weeks ago
u/Nastyjoin · 2 weeks ago
Wish asta just killed them and if anyone can use his powers that's just sad. His demon should just come out now and murder them all
u/ThatAnimeFan · 2 weeks ago
this part is kinda boring. i want action
u/arska · 1 week ago
the english names cringe the shit out of me (devil believers)