Black Clover Episode 102
Two Miracles dub

4.7 (4664 votes)
Aired 9 months ago
Updated July 12, 2020 · 61.2k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Kai23 · 9 months ago
just cut the damn budget of boruto and make some good episodes
u/tomimudry · 9 months ago
right man. they are good rn but could be a lot better, and boruto is meaningless //
u/u_king · 9 months ago
Can’t lie though that ending was pretty good
u/josemose17 · 9 months ago
think of it as episode 101.5
u/CasperGhost013 · 9 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/vetty15 · 9 months ago
So for the people out there that think fillers are pointless they can help the studio keep there schedule and it stops them from catching up to the manga so filler serves a purpose just be grateful the show doesn't go on hiatus for like a couple years
u/hankit12 · 9 months ago
how the diddly fuck does one consider this an episode like sis please dont
u/JIEKEN · 9 months ago
Its a recap episode but i quite like it
u/Kazehaya · 9 months ago
yup, and it gives them more time to create something amazing for the next episode
u/killer_killua · 9 months ago
Waited for a week just to see this?! F*ck!
u/drmemespoon · 9 months ago
episodes like these mean that the next one is going to be important and better animated.
u/Pollux · 9 months ago
The f*ck even is the purpose of fillers? Do anime studio just do this to piss us off or is there actually a reason they do this?
u/Roed · 9 months ago
so they have more time to make good episodes?
u/drmemespoon · 9 months ago
episodes like these mean that the next one is going to be important and better animated.
u/FUzzyNoodles · 9 months ago
If this anime didnt have fillers, people are going to ask why isnt there that much details/backstory, but right now , the fillers are unbearable
u/Stoney1 · 9 months ago
GDI, this is turning into a fucking Naruto 5m's of content every episode thing
u/Weeb-sama · 9 months ago
u should watch one piece some time
u/HalfAnim · 9 months ago
21:25 to 22:04 only part worth watching
u/eeyors · 9 months ago
at least the endin wasn't a filler
u/geoffmemes · 9 months ago
is there another ep
u/jalesh91 · 9 months ago
isn't this the last episode for the season?
u/drmemespoon · 9 months ago
I think the next one is last for this season but they don't really take breaks between seasons so yea
u/TwilightSky · 9 months ago
2 years, it took 2 years for it to finish. Feels bad for all those people who wanted to wait for all the episodes to be out before they watched it.
u/drmemespoon · 9 months ago
Dude it's not over yet the manga has over 200 chapters some people say it might be as long as one piece or naruto
u/snakemanluffy3 · 9 months ago
there is a lot of recap episodes that are just awefull, but this i consider to be one of the better ones. it may not have been what we wanted, but it is what we got, and its not half bad either.
u/Woethebro · 9 months ago
there better be a new episode
u/Bank2Dank4u · 9 months ago
just bruh
u/Prilays · 9 months ago
I waited one week for this? A flipping recap episode? Gah!!
u/Kuwaitasu · 9 months ago
u/daddypatties · 9 months ago
god has commited suicide
press x to respawn
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