Black Clover Episode 83
Burn It into You dub

4.7 (4665 votes)
Aired 1 year ago
Updated July 12, 2020 · 50.6k Views · by u/MeowMix

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u/Ev0xRevenge · 1 year ago
Beautiful episode to be honest. A little fast compared to the slow battles of the last ones but at least we are gonna move arcs; the animations for the opening of this new section’s opening was pretty amazing. I wonder if the kid will use magic ever again.
u/OtakuNami · 1 year ago
Wife Vanessa
u/AniimeUchiha · 1 year ago
Oh come on! I thought Xerx was gonna be a cool over-powered badass character!
u/afiqkhalil · 1 year ago
for a normal character from small village. not a noble he is kinda strong btw
u/Fullweab · 1 year ago
I saw this episode on the day of release. IDK what happened on this site but the delay was terrible.
u/HugedJackedMan · 1 year ago
It's a big workload man.
u/Darwen_2 · 1 year ago
Y'all are wrong for making luck lose he is my favorite(after asta)
u/Exerxes · 1 year ago
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u/Howardton · 1 year ago
I mean, not to be a hater against the anime, but it did annoy me a bit that we saw a small amount of action..
u/Snipxkenshin · 1 year ago
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u/XDragon · 1 year ago
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u/Fiqry · 1 year ago
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u/Snipxkenshin · 1 year ago
Bruh I saw this already what happened?
u/George · 1 year ago
I feel like I’ve watched this for a month! Why do they keep repeating this ep over and over again lol
u/daniellephanz · 8 months ago
it starts at 4:32
u/Axelblaxer · 1 year ago
BRO this anime is the new naruto literialy
u/BlackPanda · 1 year ago
Almost to the battle with the elves i cant wait, good ep even though after the black clover halfway point they showed the same thing an wasted 48 seconds but still was good to watch
u/Totty · 6 months ago
uhhh am I the only one who thinks langris is sexy?
u/Asashin · 5 months ago
u/Asashin · 5 months ago
u/Juniorzags · 1 month ago
(Petit clover)
u/stoez · 1 month ago
how did astas crystal even break? noone was at it....
u/SHIIIZA · 1 month ago
YES KILL LANGRIS!!!1!1!1!1!!
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