Bleach Episode 112
The Vizards and the Arrancars sub

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Aired 14 years ago
Updated June 20, 2021 · 28.6k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Kahuna-sama 路 1 year ago
This episode came out in dub can it be brought here already
u/BeWaReJay 路 1 year ago
Yess the Arrancar are showing up next episode
u/nishanpuri 路 1 year ago
shitt gott reall馃槸
u/stoez 路 1 year ago
yep shits finally getting real with hollows and arrancars
u/ackerman 路 1 year ago
i swear, keigo is a simp for ichigo
u/ackerman 路 1 year ago
20:42 hirako's voice bitch i'm--
u/DarkPower 路 1 year ago
looks like i won't be bored in this arc
u/Sasuke95 路 1 year ago
lol ishida gives me Sasuke feeling
u/Aduka 路 4 months ago
Ishida is doing anything for his own chikara kakkoiiii ~ and I can see that he's not lying about it
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