Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season Episode 8
Match 3 Conclusion sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/cog 路 1 month ago
some gorgeous animation this season huh
u/XDNEW2 路 1 month ago
Damn that was hot
u/Parzival23 路 1 month ago
Let's go
u/Sunny649 路 1 month ago
That was nice!!! Todoroki focused his fire into his fist only!!! It's like how Izuku at first used his whole arm to smash, but then focused it on just his finger! And now Bakugo changed his fighting style!? :O Can't wait to see !!! 馃槶馃槶
u/Mariocandi 路 1 month ago
eyyy new ep
u/Brianoctavian 路 1 month ago
awwhhh mannnn why the cliffhanger
u/AdSJB 路 1 month ago
The horn girl put herself in prison and the Teacher of class 1-B right after said:
"No matter how it happened, if you got captured, you're out." But then they said it was a score of 1-1 How does that work? It should be a score of 1-2 because they caught someone earlier and she just technically got captured because she went in their own jail. The door is wide open, so if she can leave, caught people can too. So If you're out upon entering, then she is too. CONTINUE IN REPLIES
u/ImJustin 路 1 month ago
you're totally overthinking this... its a RP training exercise... that jail is like the enemies base... you can enter your own base and throw the other person and lock them up... then leave since it's yours... that's the RP training part of it... *facepalm*
u/AdSJB 路 4 weeks ago
Bro, if you're the last person in your team- Then get locked inside a jail cell, even if it's your own. You cannot just say: "Oh well it's mine, so lemme phase through the bars." No-one's gonna come let you out. A kamikaze win in this situation is just a loss overall.
u/AdSJB 路 1 month ago
So ACTUALLY, Class 1-A won this round but the author had a small brain moment and didn't realize. END OF COMMENT.
u/24Stilinski_ 路 4 weeks ago
she was in her own jail so it doesn't count. they have to get the opposing team members in your prison to capture them but because she was in her own prison she isn't captured.
u/connies_brain 路 1 month ago
I am excited for this last two matchesansfbsidbfiusbgiubduign
u/bunboy123 路 1 month ago
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u/ohmygoodness 路 1 month ago
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u/Adhiplayer 路 1 month ago
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u/Brianoctavian 路 1 month ago
awwhhh mannnn why the cliffhanger
u/AnimeWatcher2001 路 1 month ago
This episode is just 馃憣
u/gtfot 路 1 month ago
why the fuck didn't ida just go in a diagonal away from the falling tower I mean seriously it is such a dumb trope
u/ImJustin 路 1 month ago
because he is running at top speed using a new power he doesn't have control of.... when the tower started to fall he was already top speed in a straight line... if you remember... that's ida's power... he couldn't just suddenly change direction in that second, it's a weakness of his quirk.
u/Imperial_King 路 1 month ago
u/Ancestralsword8 路 1 month ago
then how was he able to attack multiple times against mudman???
u/gtfot 路 1 month ago
he was able to turn before he didn't just go in a straight line the entire fight
u/Imperial_King 路 1 month ago
BRO diagonal path will take more time to cover and there was no space to slip through the area of impact as the container perfectly cover all the path are behind
u/kenwasnthere 路 1 month ago
mudman's quirk is like a nerfed version of permeation, but it can affect others
u/stef 路 2 weeks ago
some days now the videos is not loading
what should I do?
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