Boku no Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes:Rising
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u/xXRoyalKnight5 · 6 months ago
This movie was so amazing, has to be one of the best movie I've seen yet.
u/JTZ29 · 6 months ago
Totally agree, easily the best anime movie I've ever seen for a big series like this.
u/Archie_j_Anime · 1 week ago
It will not let me watch it 🥲
u/Tsuyu_froppy01 · 2 months ago
Can you help me it said the video player is under maintenance
u/Fluffyvang3 · 2 months ago
Me to it won't work.
u/Bakusquad_simp · 2 months ago
Go to the drop down arrow to show other subbed it worked for after I did that
u/Arctic-Anime · 2 weeks ago
Same for me and I only have the subbed button I don’t have anything else
u/xzey · 6 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Ash_Dang · 6 months ago
2 years later: Deku becomes The Symbol Of Peace, The No:1 Hero
5 years later: Deku Becomes a teacher at U.A high school
A month later: Katsuma gets enrolled at U.A high school
A few days later: Deku passes on One For All to Katsuma, The tenth holder of One For All
Many years later: Katsuma becomes The Symbol Of Peace
(The same thing happens over and over again for years)
u/theredone1 · 5 months ago
If you read the manga, you should know that Deku "completed" One For All. He also will get like, 6 new quirks...
u/sashutosh539 · 6 months ago
Bakugo looked like Goku with a haircut when he got OFA.....
u/CaptainSpartar · 6 months ago
u/EternalNostalgia · 6 months ago
u/Gybro619 · 6 months ago
My luck is awful today, I booked a ticket to watch the movie tomorrow cuz the seat was quite cheap and booked it so I thought I was lucky then today when I was watching some anime I saw that animeultima has already have the movie on the website ready for all the people to enjoy. Well RIP my money😂😂 but at least I can watch the movie on a big screen, eating popcorn with the whole hall by myself.
u/Lazuel · 6 months ago
Hope you enjoyed that big hall to the fullest! This movie is big screen worthy!
u/Arctic-Anime · 2 weeks ago
Lol 😂
u/JokHok · 6 months ago
thank youuuuuuuuu
u/aopnightowl · 6 months ago
the ending got me there for a sec
u/Crocodile · 6 months ago
ahh yes
u/jerryplay1 · 6 months ago
let's go
u/denz · 6 months ago
u/PotatoRa · 6 months ago
I was getting worried that you guys couldn't get your hands on it
u/Hittingkit34 · 5 months ago
I cant
u/Hittingkit34 · 5 months ago
I cant
u/Sn54463 · 5 months ago
I can’t watch it either :/
u/sapphirethepea · 4 months ago
Me either it just says this video player is under matnence like what does that mean
u/mura_sakiii · 3 months ago
theres a small arrow on the upper right. click it and change it to another one, for me i chose hydra. i always do this in other animes.
u/D3kUiZ · 2 months ago
Bro u r like a god to me now thankkssss
u/Cherry_1 · 2 months ago
I did that but there is sooooooo many adsss. Can you please tell me what to do now???????
u/golgameth · 1 month ago
select ninjastream, it has the least ads and the best player!
u/ImJustin · 1 month ago
Can 100% vouch for this, Ninjastream has been the best video player since it's been added to this website.
u/Interpeed · 6 months ago
I just checked to see if the movie was up because i finished since the last episode came out and this is my first time checking if the movie was out and it came out today
u/JokHok · 6 months ago
thank youuuuuuuuu
u/Meow222 · 6 months ago
fuck i’m sad and happy but like the feeling
u/JTZ29 · 6 months ago
This movie was simply amazing from start to finish, probably the best anime movie I've ever seen for a big series like this.
u/ayrise · 6 months ago
I cried haha but feel happy for tge ending
u/Light_2007_yt · 6 months ago
i remember watching this with my anime club and some one i know was there AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW (let it be known that we went illegally, the school said no to us but we did it anyway)
u/xGolr · 6 months ago
finally ive been waiting so long for this
u/Imnothuss · 6 months ago
not the best movie but its was pretty good, the fighting scene with deku and bakugo was pretty lit tho.
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