Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 102
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Aired 1 year ago
Updated September 20, 2020 · 24.3k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Bluesnowcone · 1 year ago
Why are they dragging out these episodes? I'm getting kinda tired of this
u/ronnik7268 · 1 year ago
is this some kind of joke ...
u/Drilon96 · 1 year ago
Not even my love for naruto can make me watch this crap.This Series is Insulting not just to naruto but anime in general
u/Fiqry · 1 year ago
So when is the op god of all ninja naruto and sasuke coming?
u/kanyin1100 · 1 year ago
Its sad how weak they made karins chains
u/Chillx · 1 year ago
Yea it only lasted for like 30 secs and she has a lot of chakra
u/Neisuva · 1 year ago
we should wait 200+
u/_yukilady · 1 year ago
This arc was all about those damn birds. XD
u/namichan · 7 months ago
Part 1:
I'm really tired of seeing hate comments on each episode! What do people even expect, of course it wouldn't be like the original Naruto, otherwise there's really no point in making this anime. I think Boruto's great in a different way! The future of these characters is promising, and I personally think there are lots of epic battles and action in preparation and that's why there are lots of fillers.
u/namichan · 7 months ago
Why the rush for the abilities development? People should be happy that the team is probably taking their time to polish the characters, adding additional battles so they gain experience. Boruto has inherited the Otsutsuki clan power, which is no joke, he's ought to become really strong. Naruto also didn't gain all his power in 100 episodes, but from hard work, experience and perseverance.
u/namichan · 7 months ago
Part 3:
Don't forget that also the filler percentage in the Naruto series was over 40%, which is really high. Both anime are great, but incomparable since they're completely different in every sense. Why do people even make the effort to watch it up to this point if they don't enjoy it and just sit all day, whining here in the comments.. Either give it a chance, or go find something else that matches your taste!
u/namichan · 7 months ago
Part 4:

There's absolutely no point in spamming with your hate comments, because no one cares about your negative opinion. Have a great day!
u/SWeeboii · 7 months ago
What are people talking about? this anime is fucking epic!
u/OtakuNami · 1 year ago
Wife sadara in trouble
u/PusseyDonn · 1 year ago
next arc as we seen in the op is with naruto and sasuke and boruto so i think its finally getting good
u/SomeGuy · 1 year ago
What the fuck are these nerfs to the 3 sasuke team mates, they are crazy strong, karim is a fukin uzumaki, do you think a single bite from a kid would vanish her chakra when sasuke bit her a lot of times with no problem in a short space of time vs bee??????
u/Madeanaccount123 · 1 year ago
Rather watch the war arc 3 times over than this excuse of an episode