Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 117
Remon's Secret sub

4.2 (1978 votes)
Aired 1 year ago
Updated September 27, 2020 · 17.7k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/TeenBorutobetter · 1 year ago
Why this giving me the last naruto the movie vibe.Isn't that the ostustuki symbol on kitsu clothing.
u/Yuta · 1 year ago
I thought so too
u/OtakuNami · 1 year ago
No Sadara:(
u/Sunny649 · 1 year ago
wonder if the people can get their memories back.... since it's clearly Kankitsu's the culprit xd That Preview though... o.o
u/I-AM-INEVITABLE · 1 year ago
I'm liking this filler
u/cra2046 · 1 year ago
it is at least better than a ton of others
u/Aaffnnnaann · 1 year ago
i swear my grandma has the same cutse
u/SlumpedGod · 11 months ago
damn bro konohamuridjwav udhdhfetsdf just lost his waifu...........
u/_YV · 8 months ago
why am i getting "The Last" vibe?
u/JIEKEN · 8 months ago
3:29 look at that shadow
u/JIEKEN · 8 months ago
3:29 look at that shadow