Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 128
Urashiki's Target sub

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Aired 11 months ago
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u/abas2 · 11 months ago
this is getting interesting. so his plan is to capture Kurama when naruto is still a kid
u/Not_Absolute · 11 months ago
bruh yall are forgetting about Neji..
u/freya · 11 months ago
Did we just see Tenten being semi-useful?
u/Kirion · 11 months ago
Sasuke used all his chakra after 2 minutes fight but in the fourth war he went on fighting for 20+ episode LOL

go figure..
u/max · 11 months ago
He still have not recovered fully from the previous fight. So he had little chakra to begin with.
u/Ferorius · 11 months ago
Hm... Time travel again... Welp, time to change history of the uchiha clan ;p
u/otakuking22 · 11 months ago
u/sharrmen123 · 11 months ago
OMGGGG THE ARC IS GETTING SO GOOD,i cant wait for the next episode,im so hyped
u/Anime4Life · 11 months ago
Wife Sadara
u/hankit12 · 11 months ago
these things were not in the manga tho, are they making this up>>>???
u/Doode · 11 months ago
I doubt they'll do anything manga related. and this is also a special arc celebrating the anniversary of naruto
u/Mohamadstar22 · 11 months ago
Tenten always useful, don't blimd yourself, hater.

Best arc will be 2/3 months.
u/GhostSh3ll · 11 months ago
1st of all if Urashiki went into village a barrier would notice it and warn hokage,2nd naruto is a perfected sage mode user and he didnt sense urashiki,like bruuuh
u/max · 11 months ago
He is not in sage mode form so he would not have sensed anything.
u/Aizenisbae · 11 months ago
OH HELL YES!!! Bouruto is going to meet kid naruto!!!!
u/Kcimor78 · 11 months ago
The start gave me the chills, reminded me of pains hidden leaf attack and nobody would say where naruto was. Will of fire!!!
u/FuutarouUesugi · 11 months ago
Me thinking if boruto would say "Im going to tell dad who his wife in the future and tell the others who is their wife/husband"
u/D1AnimeBoy · 11 months ago
Oh finally the episodes are getting a lil better.
u/sharrmen123 · 11 months ago
OMGGG THE ARC IS GETTING SO GOOOOD,i cant wait for the next episode,so hyped
u/Biraj_Parajuli · 4 months ago
man this is interesting😍
u/IcyColdLife · 1 month ago
Finally this is getting interesting