Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 129
The Village Hidden in the Leaves sub

4.2 (1966 votes)
Aired 11 months ago
Updated September 20, 2020 · 35.3k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Copic · 11 months ago
For the first time in 14 months, I watched a full boruto episode
u/Majsneros · 11 months ago
true af
u/hehexd · 11 months ago
This arc is gonna be amazing
u/Hoodedbeastie · 11 months ago
Things that made me happy/sad,
Naruto's look when asking about Boruto's family
Naruto saying he doesn't know his family
The villagers probably thinking Boruto is Naruto and they started to shoot ugly looks at him (That or they were suspicious because they were new)
u/Zedakins · 11 months ago
Im not crying
u/Zedakins · 11 months ago
Im not crying..
u/Zedakins · 11 months ago
Im not crying...
u/Ferorius · 11 months ago
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u/Xubin · 11 months ago
We ain't giving you any
u/Ferorius · 11 months ago
Ah it already happened. xD
u/Xubin · 11 months ago
This is so sad :/
u/Ferorius · 11 months ago
I mean, the internet community is pretty bad xD
u/snghbeer · 11 months ago
I won't cry...
u/Mohamadstar22 · 11 months ago
I hope people want to see neji again.
u/raw1469 · 11 months ago
beautiful episode , the ending got me in tears
u/soomy · 11 months ago
i havent enjoyed a Boruto episode this much since the 1st arc omg yassss
u/tudixliit · 11 months ago
I love this episode. 😍
u/cherrynoriaki · 11 months ago
this episode crushed my heart into teeny tiny pieces
u/SomeGuy · 11 months ago
Same dude... Naruto was always such a cheery dude despite everything he went through
u/willy_241 · 11 months ago
This ep really hit me hard man...
u/blckkbird · 11 months ago
Fuuuuuck, this was sooo damn good 😫😭 I've always loved Naruto and Boruto but this episode alone took my love to new heights😭
u/boris · 11 months ago
This is the first time i've actually teared up over this anime.
u/Zedakins · 11 months ago
u/geoffmemes · 11 months ago
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u/lilhamm · 11 months ago
best episode in a while
u/crimsoncake012 · 11 months ago
I skipped so much shit just for this that was amazing but I wanted to see them fight