Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 145
Breaking Out of Hozuki Castle sub

4.2 (1970 votes)
Aired 7 months ago
Updated September 20, 2020 · 12.2k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/Cheerio 路 7 months ago
Relax, manga adaptation should begin in this arc. Plus the last 2 3 episodes were actually good. There is actual character development, somewhat strategic thinking and a good story. Be patient lit episodes coming soon.
u/Lamsect 路 7 months ago
to be honest any ninja can escape that hole
u/ItsRainin 路 7 months ago
Boruto had sage mode in the outro
u/spartalee 路 7 months ago
The plan to breakout seems so easy. There's always a catch 馃槼
u/GrossRamen 路 7 months ago
fak off mate stop making those shitty arcs
u/Theo99725 路 7 months ago
be patient Ive heard great stuff are coming after this arc
u/leev 路 7 months ago
this is better than that jugo & time travel arc so far. idk wtf are yall on about down here
u/Romanzzee 路 7 months ago
like the arc so far, but the way they delayed sarada is kinda pathetic. I mean like there's no way she got knocked ouf from that
u/Mirushiki 路 7 months ago
ohhh my god change your opening for godsake 馃槕
u/Flypybird 路 6 months ago
finally the story is getting me stick to it
u/Flypybird 路 6 months ago
finally the story is getting me stick to it
u/Kurtoon 路 5 months ago
sarada wtf you got sharingan.
u/Aldorf 路 4 months ago
why tf they nerf my sarada?! shes a fuccin uchiha. I thought benga was under a genjutsu or some sht
u/furmom 路 2 months ago
I like how people are talking about how sarada is a ucchiha and has the sharingan but nothing about her mom since her mom weak af