Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 147
The Fateful Moonlit Battle sub

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Aired 6 months ago
Updated September 20, 2020 · 8.4k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/satiresoul · 6 months ago
sadara couldn't tell the chakra flow ? like does she even own a sharingan?
u/KioKurashi · 6 months ago
Pretty sure that, unlike Byakugan, the Sharingan doesn't actively monitor the flow of chakra. Even if we ignore that, we could assume that the flow itself is mimic'd as well.
u/bossmcprin3e · 6 months ago
Cant wait for Kawaki!!
u/Deauski · 6 months ago
finally getting closer to manga
u/JIEKEN · 6 months ago
@satitesoul she wasnt using her sharingan after that
u/TemukaXD · 5 months ago
Sarada is the worst uchiha.
u/jeffbruhmoment69 · 4 months ago
bruh kokuri a bitch ass nigga
u/Aldorf · 4 months ago
if sarada would use her sharingan, it would exhaust her even more because the shadow is copying her. Cmon how stupid are you guys? Power is nothing if you wont use ur brain
u/Aldorf · 4 months ago
plus theyre fuccin genins, its not like they have a huge chakra reserves
u/joshua_lovegod · 4 months ago
nice animation at 18:22
u/ensar1 · 3 months ago
they dont have any idea how to epand the anime until it comes to the manga so they are stealinng things from naruto shippuden