Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 5
The Mysterious Transfer Student! sub

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Aired 3 years ago
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u/SWeeboii 路 8 months ago
mitsuki probably has something to do with Kaguya and Orochimaru
u/jens 路 7 months ago
what my son wtf he is the son of Naruto and Hinata wtf wtf wtf wat a change
u/NoYon_Yatogami 路 5 months ago
episode 5 and i haven鈥檛 seen naruto yet..
and those brats are disrespecting shino馃槩
u/SERGIOA02 路 4 months ago
aye naruto literally apeared in like 2 episodes
u/DripKage 路 5 months ago
mituki is orochimiros son watch the boruto movie
u/Deybid 路 3 months ago
putangina nyo
u/Deybid 路 3 months ago
putangina nyo
u/wiseman192 路 3 months ago
I'm trying so hard to watch this anime but idk it feels like some slice of life shit that's not the style of Naruto I know it's just hard to watch
u/likhon69 路 3 months ago
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