Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 174
The Revival of the Divine Tree sub

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Aired 2 weeks ago
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u/IcyColdLife · 2 weeks ago
knock-off hisoka just wants the best tasting food? Just take him to ichiraku ramen
u/xXRoyalKnight5 · 2 weeks ago
NGL, did my man just laugh for like straight two minutes lol, and next ep Boruto is probably gonna use the new rasengan, and Sarada might awaken Sharingan 2. Maybe
u/Orochi · 2 weeks ago
My question is who's going to die for Sarada to awaken Mangekyo but that's most likely 10 arcs from now lol
u/Aarush09 · 2 weeks ago
orochimaru is OP
u/Johannes_Dheb · 2 weeks ago
I've never been so excited for the next episode like this.
u/skeleton1ghost · 2 weeks ago
Orochimaru 💨🔥
u/VANSH_GAMER · 2 weeks ago
is this are fillers
u/Orochi · 2 weeks ago
Is this English?
u/harshithvijay · 2 weeks ago
who knows
u/Gamer_Hacker · 2 weeks ago
World War 3 is about to begin again....
u/soyam123 · 1 week ago
i want ep 175 😢😢
u/jadenthewierd123 · 1 week ago
cant wait for 175