Darwin's Game Episode 7
Eighth sub

4.7 (459 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
Updated March 21, 2020 · 13.4k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/_nikhil_ravi_ · 1 month ago
so im second
u/Nexey · 1 month ago
this anime continue in second season for sure
u/CatsDK · 1 month ago
Ready... Set... Go...
u/Osama1231 · 1 month ago
wood man made a noble sacrifice for the cause
u/thee1brotherbear · 1 month ago
I like this series so much, that I wish ut didnt stopfor the next episode and kept runnomg to the end.
u/Suwot · 1 month ago
Lol It's just a random key right?
u/AnamomanA · 1 month ago
phat cliffhanger
u/Chigo · 1 month ago
this episode just pisses me off, hopefully there will be a comeback next one.
u/KAIXIN · 1 month ago
I smell this gonna be anime of the year
u/AnimeJess · 1 month ago
Is anyone already playing 🔞Sex-Anime Game https://oplu.online ?=) Im a girl, searching for 👌👈 parther! My character name is Aliceinside777
u/RedMenace · 1 month ago
Hello Alice! I'm afraid I dont play that game, but it sounds interesting! Hope you find a partner who can communicate in sign language!
u/elementalxp · 2 weeks ago
dude wtf why dies he have to die i was really rooting for him