Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode 11
Prologue of Dr. Stone sub

4.8 (501 votes)
Aired 5 months ago
Updated September 19, 2021 · 13.5k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/Synraul 路 5 months ago
Senku might become a Pirate King first before Luffy
u/xXRoyalKnight5 路 5 months ago
This season was overall pretty good. Can't wait for the next season and beyond!! Dr.Stone just began lol.
u/Sunny649 路 5 months ago
That Mangaka is voiced by Hajime-Syacho! 馃槀 His voice acting was indeed pretty superb! And Senku's, Chrome's and Gen's Seiyuu were in the both next to the recording room watching him 馃槀
u/LuckyChan 路 5 months ago
u/NathanJoestar 路 5 months ago
u/JeramyDoge 路 5 months ago
he could probably build a plan if they get the right people unpurified
u/subaru22B 路 5 months ago
Best boy right there at the end ! can't wait for next season !
u/SOUR-THAK 路 5 months ago
This Senku Guy Looks Nice, He Should Make A Ship And Set Sail For The World
u/Optimistic 路 5 months ago
Pog lol
u/NotUrFriendddd 路 5 months ago
how did u get so early just came out for me
u/Anime_pls 路 5 months ago
its xeno!!!!
u/Calvin 路 5 months ago
i see the next pirate king
u/sleepyyxtae 路 5 months ago
top saddest episode. senku using idle chat to not cry while me crying
u/wytre 路 5 months ago
Isn't that the tree of qlippoth at the end from black clover
u/zewaff 路 5 months ago
23:17 dat ass though, she fine as hell
u/IcyColdLife 路 5 months ago
I can't believe it. Senku is actually gonna become Pirate King
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