Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode 2
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4.8 (499 votes)
Aired 6 months ago
Updated August 1, 2021 · 21.2k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/Adoo · 6 months ago
I really forgot how good of an anime this is, I miss it soo much and cant wait for next week.
u/sleepyyxtae · 6 months ago
i never forgot how good it was but yea I agree with the rest
u/SynFate · 6 months ago
Finally bruh
u/The_Intervened · 6 months ago
u/dafibh · 6 months ago
3 weeks of programming project and report is due in 7 hours and here I am.
u/SOUR-THAK · 6 months ago
Just Like I Said In The Last Episode The OP IS FUCKING GREAT
u/umut508 · 6 months ago
hell yeah
u/SynFate · 6 months ago
Finally bruh
u/sleepyyxtae · 6 months ago
u/Sunny649 · 6 months ago
let's communicating begin!!
u/ighulabani · 6 months ago
I am a little disappointed the way Senku works the way up to make stuff is being ignored the whole show hype was build up on that not mecha senku and whole get thing done process have been skipped but I am hoping things get back to process of making stuff then rushing content
u/Adell · 6 months ago
The day gonna come when y'all will like Tsukasa because he is not the enemy wkkwkwkkwkw spoiler
u/ef1 · 6 months ago
u/rainforze · 4 months ago
How in the fuck Gen blocked Magma's full out attack?
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