Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode 9
To Destroy and to Save sub

4.8 (499 votes)
Aired 4 months ago
Updated August 1, 2021 · 15.9k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/Xanime0godX · 4 months ago
why there is 2 separete same eps?
u/golgameth · 4 months ago
GoodGuy's drunk and pushed it to home again lol
u/IbbuGamer_YT · 4 months ago
tsukasa was scared by the shock cannon that means the shock cannon can defeat tsukasa
u/SOUR-THAK · 4 months ago
This Episode Is Explosive If You Know What I Mean
u/IcyColdLife · 4 months ago
dang they really got me tearing up on Tsukasa's past
u/WifeNoriko48 · 4 months ago
Wife Kohaku
u/Alfidi · 4 months ago
24 minute feel 10
u/NEETPSYCH12 · 4 months ago
what the heck !? I'm new here but shit the videos are not buffering
u/golgameth · 4 months ago
isn't that a good thing? or do you mean not loading at all?
u/Optimistic · 4 months ago
oh yeah mr krabs
u/jackie38 · 4 months ago
u/LuckyChan · 4 months ago
Senku speedran the wat let's goooo
u/LuckyChan · 4 months ago
fuck typos man
u/Scromble · 4 months ago
man this website is havin some connection issues!
u/berwari567 · 4 months ago
bruh Dr.stone is gr8
u/Operatix · 4 months ago
Tsukasas reason still makes no fckn sense, he believes not everyone can get safed... so he is beeter off killing them in advance?? And Senkus plan is to save everyone... and Tsukasa is against that??? It makes no sense.
u/handyhippie65 · 1 month ago
the strength granted to humanity by nature is intelligence. a chimpanzee is smaller than we are, but much stronger. but which of us do you see running the world, strong chimps, or intelligent humans? strength is nothing without the intelligence to use it effectively. eventually, the strong will always lose to the intelligent. strength will beat you to death with a stick, intelligence will turn that stick into an arrow, and kill you before you even know they are there.
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