Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka III Episode 8
The Fool: Bell Cranel sub

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Aired 4 days ago
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u/Young_dagger_dx 路 4 days ago
bruhhh 馃槶馃槶
u/Kanneki 路 3 days ago
Best ep of the whole series
u/Ancestralsword8 路 3 days ago
Definitely, finally got to see some real action from the sword princess
u/GreyWolf 路 4 days ago
u/thicB01 路 4 days ago
I just wanna see bell beat tha ass of asterius
u/sTix 路 4 days ago
Asterius is cool af, why??
u/Ancestralsword8 路 3 days ago
He already did once, Asterius is the resurrection of Bells lvl2 minotaur fight. Monsters that die resurrect/respawn in the dungeon over and over, some are just created from nothing (I guess) and some of the ones with significantly unusual interactions tend to be resurrected with fragments of their past lives, hinted at by the things Wiene says about how she has/had strange dreams, and considering that Asterius also used his horns like in Bells fight during the Ais vs Asterius fight
u/TWARN 路 4 days ago
Man Talk About A Rollercoaster Of Emotions Lol, Great Episode, And Yeah I Wanna See Mr Cranel Take Down Some Big Bads
u/Emperor_Kweh 路 4 days ago
i was wondering how they was gonna bring her back. Thought bell was gonna go through some more sht. wonder whats next tho.
u/jackie38 路 2 days ago
u/aeoxshin 路 1 day ago
the way they showed Aiz cut Asterius arm like she's stronger than him when in truth she only caught him off guard that's why she was able to cut it, the way they'd portray it here in anime kinda sucks just for Aiz hype, Asterius was a Lv.7 Xenos trained by the strongest adventurer in Orario that's why it will take all the Lv.6 of Loki familia to take him down.
u/Sir 路 4 days ago
u/Young_dagger_dx 路 4 days ago
bruhhh 馃槶馃槶
u/Crescentfangs 路 4 days ago
well, with the pace ss3 gives me right now so that it's gonna end with vol.12 of the light novel, not vol.11 as I anticipated before.

So yeah more cut contents missing out from the light novel dang it.
u/Raswhitworth 路 3 days ago
Based upon what Fels said, was this THE first successful resurrection in 800 years or HIS first one?
u/Ancestralsword8 路 3 days ago
800 years since she first learned the spell. Assuming Fels is using the spell immediately after someone near her dies, then Wiene pretty much won the lottery with something like a 0.0000001% of success
u/Jammoy 路 3 days ago
is this last episode
u/Ancestralsword8 路 3 days ago
No it is not
u/hajir 路 3 days ago
Bruh I didnt want wiene to die and she died the i wanted her to stay dead but no she resurrected like what the hell
u/zanman543 路 1 day ago
this show went to shit fast
u/Sepuk 路 3 hours ago
worst ep imo, it's so clich茅 and you know what's gonna happen a minute before it happens, not a single part of this episode did i say "what"