Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou Episode 6
The Time to Choose sub

4.7 (540 votes)
Aired 2 months ago
Updated October 17, 2020 · 21.7k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/BROWNlE · 2 months ago
I hate pink haired bitch, always have, always will, she is the trashiest trash of the world, up there with red head bitch from shield hero
u/Mckenzie07 · 2 months ago
lmaooo calm down but i do hate pink haired bitch aswell
u/Jollll · 2 months ago
this bitch almost as bad as Rachel
u/Darth_Revan · 2 months ago
so she a masacist
u/HAMZO · 2 months ago
i hate inca so selfish and annoying and arrogant hopefully she dies dumb ho
u/piperonni · 2 months ago
i knew from the first time i see Inca that i aint going to like her. i was right
u/Samrnt · 2 months ago
i see those "first" people didnt learn
u/HAMZO · 2 months ago
@BROWNIE thank you for understanding me
u/xDVoide · 2 months ago
I SWEAR to God stop saying fIrSt you retarded shits
u/zexki · 2 months ago
now I really hate that pink hair bitch
u/Jollll · 2 months ago
this bitch almost as bad as Rachel
u/grim_reaper80 · 2 months ago
i hate this bitch as much as The bitch in shield hero honestly
u/kingk · 2 months ago
Inca is my favourite character so far she's soo compelling and interesting and stfu admin she isn't like the red bitch from shield
u/BBonless · 2 months ago
I know right, great character.
u/asidender · 1 month ago
Corn those who are hating on inca she is the surprisingly the most realistic character in the series so far, how do I know? She values her own life more than she does for anyone else’s and isn’t a self righteous wannabe like shinra not to say I hate Shinra I love my guy when he has grace because he might as well have ZA WARUDO!!!
u/Prince_N_21 · 2 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Muf3ex · 2 months ago
Ban him
u/the_tiny_dragon · 2 months ago
u/blackEye_night · 2 months ago
damnnn this anime is way too underrated. i was only the fourth guy to watch it
u/ChaosXANXUS · 2 months ago
think ur slick?
u/Flypybird · 2 months ago
ah, so its now we shippers gonna all get mad when we see who Rapariga Gato will stay with >:(
u/ismaG18 · 2 months ago
i prefer darkness (from konosuba) over this bitch
u/owosjj · 2 months ago
i need more screening of iris 👉🏻👈🏻
u/cociii · 2 months ago
me and my homies hate inca
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