Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou Episode 8
Smoldering Malevolence sub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/blueandyellow · 2 months ago
its not working
u/Kazuki_O · 2 months ago
same for me
u/blueandyellow · 2 months ago
it works on the mobile app though
u/Yashwanth · 2 months ago
dont comment first u shit holes
u/asidender · 2 months ago
We intellectuals know before watching that it will be a great episode, as you can see we are 4 parallel universes ahead of you XD
u/Bluekiller · 2 months ago
Arthur was actually smart for.once
u/Jubic · 2 months ago
error file plz fix
u/oKatanaa · 2 months ago
This video file cannot be played.
(Error Code: 232011)
Please, fix it.
u/jaugustine · 2 months ago
lol that ending
u/Ahmed_MiX1 · 2 months ago
yoo hype
u/Deauski · 2 months ago
can they just fight already
u/mike32 · 2 months ago
Nice nice
u/JIEKEN · 2 months ago
so arthur memorized pi by substituting the numbers with phrases in his head thats smart
u/Mr7ellow · 1 month ago
No, that's actually just Japanese terms coinciding with the numbers in Japanese.
u/Casselite · 2 months ago
good ep. badass new character. 10/10 ep.
u/Prasann · 2 months ago
never works
u/Orochisama · 2 months ago
another demon, calling it Shinra will pull a getsuga tenshou on it
u/Rickio · 2 months ago
WAHAHAHAHA Arthur just became a genius out of nowhere
u/Narii · 2 months ago
its working now :D
u/ChaosXANXUS · 2 months ago
How is it working dawg? I'm getting This video file cannot be played.(Error Code: 232011)
u/alecs · 2 months ago
now i have to wait more 7 days,bruh
u/Kzuma · 2 months ago
arthur is like patrick star
become smart once a while
u/Koh28 · 1 month ago
Video is broken. Error Code: 232011
u/Blazer · 1 month ago
that rinnegan tho
u/erictouch613 · 1 month ago
just noticed the ending track that shits sickkk