Fairy Tail Episode 21
The Phantom Lord sub

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Aired 10 years ago
Updated July 5, 2020 · 18.3k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/aeoxshin · 4 months ago
When Gajeel can do that kind of destruction, every powerfull enemy like Gajeel and Juvia ended up being nerf after joining FT.
u/Kochigai · 1 year ago
Fairy tail is kinda broken
u/kilerboy1239 · 2 months ago
fuck you
u/bdmn14 · 2 months ago
u/coolio123 · 1 month ago
phantom lord
u/coolio123 · 1 month ago
they got destroyeed
u/coolio123 · 1 month ago
that guys picture magic is like that reindeer captain from black clover
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