Fruits Basket 2nd Season Episode 14
I Should Just Die... sub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/YaBoiHarry 路 2 months ago
u/Enajda 路 2 months ago
when they kissed each other...
Yuki:"I'm a little baby to watch this"馃檲馃檴馃槼馃憠馃憟
Me:"Thnx good they kissed"馃槏馃槅馃槀
u/Janinekyutt 路 2 months ago
yessss they kissed
u/Janinekyutt 路 2 months ago
theee ending :(
u/YaBoiHarry 路 2 months ago
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u/animeplus 路 2 months ago
The intro wasn't bad at all lol
u/3rzaHatsune 路 2 months ago
I'm missed the old outro
u/Shichibukai7 路 2 months ago
Oh my god that ed is beautiful!! Ayame, Hatori and Hatsuharu were my favorites 馃グ
Everyone dressed like that is 馃憣

Except Shigure since that's literally what he wears everyday 馃ぃ

Anyway, I know Rin is going through a lot but goddamn why does she act like that??

Kisa was hospitalized, Yuki was locked up for years and Hatori is literally blind in one eye! Everyone was hurt by Akito and the curse, she isn't the only one! But she's acting like she is?? I really don't like her smh 馃槖
u/xey 路 2 months ago
Damn Haru is so cool.........and HOT!
Also, I can't watch Kyo suffer cuz of his unfair! >.
u/thjalago 路 2 months ago
The new op is soooo good. A shame that the old ed got replaced though... it was really nice
u/aristomache 路 2 months ago
the visuals of the outro is so good too!!
u/zaidtheadventire 路 2 months ago
how to
u/Janinekyutt 路 2 months ago
theee ending :(
u/Augusto06 路 2 months ago
chill vibes for the op and ed!
u/Mika-Chan 路 2 months ago
outro makes me feel so nostalgic
u/mewessa 路 2 months ago
u/gsrico 路 2 months ago
this anime always made me cry
remind's me how single I am 馃槶