Fruits Basket 2nd Season Episode 17
You Will, I'm Sure of It sub

4.8 (427 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
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u/bdobruna 路 1 month ago
tohru realizing little by little that she love kyo it warms my hearheart
u/3rzaHatsune 路 1 month ago
The ship is finally sailing boys!!
u/bdobruna 路 1 month ago
the cat being jealous 馃槄
u/mariah_meows 路 1 month ago
Not gonna lie, I was rooting for Yuki and Tohru this entire time, up until a few episodes ago. Now I'm on team Kyo. Although my heart still hurts for Yuki ;__; he seems like such a tortured lonely soul
u/Enajda 路 1 month ago
nice episode馃槍馃槍馃槍...but I always think for the end of this anime....Is Tohru going to end up with Yuki or with Kyo?!!?!?!?!?...what do you guys think of it?馃
u/Tora702 路 1 month ago
yk... she ends up with kyo right?
u/81194Uddin 路 1 month ago
aww she made a cat 馃槉
u/animeplus 路 1 month ago
I think she'll end up with Kyo
u/xey 路 1 month ago
Man i never thought Kyo could be so smooth!
u/Augusto06 路 1 month ago
next episode will be Kyo and Tohru moments!
u/ririko 路 1 month ago
I'm so excited for next episode omg-
u/munttiii 路 1 month ago
omg ikr when it said do u wanna kiss i was like---------- nani
u/Flypybird 路 1 month ago
i was team yuki until 1st season end and someone spoiled me who tohru ended with.... not saying im not anymore :) in the end youl know wich team I am since the start of season 2
u/_nikhil_ravi_ 路 1 month ago
another beautiful episode...... this is one of the best slice of life animes out there
u/Shichibukai7 路 1 month ago



u/Kira_Kae 路 1 month ago
the op always makes me emotional aaaaaaa
u/KnightSkull 路 1 month ago
in the end for the episode preview there is kyo saying "wanna kiss?"
u/Ayame銈€儰銉 路 1 month ago
I'm on kayo team till the end!!!
u/thjalago 路 1 month ago
that last scene with the zodiac figurines was just too good
u/yelkyy 路 1 month ago
really love kyouuu
u/cindy1o1panda 路 1 month ago