Fruits Basket 2nd Season Episode 21
There Was, Definitely sub

4.8 (427 votes)
Aired 4 weeks ago
Updated September 22, 2020 · 7.1k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/creed345 路 4 weeks ago
makes you question why Akito became the way he is.
u/Coder433 路 4 weeks ago
Every episode just keeps getting better and better
u/xey 路 4 weeks ago
I glad its not a love triangle like most teen anime
u/anime1234 路 4 weeks ago
馃槶馃槶 just be his friend kyo 馃槶
u/Flypybird 路 4 weeks ago
Loved this episode, the feels man, anyways, do you guys think the anime finale is this season or will we have a 3rd or maybe a movie finale :/
u/owosjj 路 4 weeks ago
is this anime is ending? :(
u/Ayame-kun 路 4 weeks ago
Yes the end is coming us manga readers though be

u/Enajda 路 3 weeks ago
have you seen a cute girl with cute eyes,cute face,cute hands,cute clothes 馃え馃馃槫馃槫馃槫馃槫 Tohru's mother,scary馃槀
u/LynaJunailyn 路 3 weeks ago
nah its not a love triangle. but for yuki, tohru was like his mother to him. if you read the manga for detail. you will cry alot than watching the anime. 馃槩馃槩
u/Kdudegames 路 4 weeks ago
Dang his backstory though馃槶
u/lalabs14 路 4 weeks ago
This was such a good episode! Tears were shed
u/mariah_meows 路 4 weeks ago
Poor Yuki ;_: this is why I ship him and Tohru so hard. Such a great episode though
u/ahrim10 路 4 weeks ago
why old anime is not playing
u/Enajda 路 3 weeks ago
I really see friendship in Kyo's and Yuki's eyes馃槏
u/nekmoa 路 2 weeks ago
yuki 銋犮叀銋 this episode confirmed what tohru is to him AAAAAAAAA