Fruits Basket 2nd Season Episode 15
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Aired 4 weeks ago
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u/Shichibukai7 · 3 weeks ago
Ayame is the real MVP of today, my God.

Only he could make me cry my face off then laugh my head off all in the same episode 🙏🙏

That scene when Yuki said he could depend on Ayame had me clenching my chest ❤️😣♥️ it was so wholesome 🥰
u/Flypybird · 3 weeks ago
yall got it completely wrong. Yuki's mother doesnt hate him and Ayame, as Ayame said she lives about money and status, not like we usual live by how we feel and want to do. She actually is trying to make her children live an "happy" life in her own ideals... they are just different ideals from everyone.
u/Ayameアヤメ · 3 weeks ago
i love ayame he's such a good guy (its weird to say it when my name is ayame too-)
u/Augusto06 · 3 weeks ago
guess I'm a little bit early!
u/Lightningra · 3 weeks ago
What a wholesome episode
u/predator24 · 3 weeks ago
jojo reference right there hahahaa
u/Enajda · 3 weeks ago
What an evil mother,she is interesting only in her status and money,and not for her own 2 children 😔I feel bad for Yuki and his brother

When Yuki saw Tohru in eyes I thought that they were going to confess....but that student council member came😤and destroyed that cute moment!!😡....but when Yuki smiled I felt relieved!!!...they have a chance together!😌
u/Kira_Kae · 3 weeks ago
the op is soo relaxingggg
u/mushimochi · 3 weeks ago
In manga, yuki sees honda as her mother figure. so stop shipping them. its going to hurt in the end.
u/yelkyy · 2 weeks ago
tohru ended up with kyou so stop shipping her with yuki lol
u/Kinei · 4 days ago
If that's a spoiler imma rant so hard. FU