Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 1
The Last One sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/hajir 路 1 month ago
This is hella good
u/Uknowit 路 1 month ago
Honestly I clicked on this because I was curious since it was new usually I would never even try to watch a show that people aren't talking about or popular but damn this show's pretty good RIP main character of episode 1 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
u/kingz 路 1 month ago
Aren't talking about or popular? What? It literally just came out, so yeah, not many people would talk about it. That said, I've seen it in many "Top 10 upcoming anime" lists on a lot of stuff. The manga is somewhat popular too. It's a really good series, it won't disappoint. Hella feels.
u/-Orion- 路 1 month ago
Composure? gone, reduced the atoms. I haven't been reduced to such an emotional wreck by a show for awhile.
u/Uknowit 路 1 month ago
Yeah same they really did a reverse card I was sure he wasn't going to die because he was in the picture of the anime and it wasn't the last episode I was not expecting that plot twist 馃槶
u/GunpowderGelatin 路 1 month ago
That orb literally turned into him
u/ImJustin 路 1 month ago
damn this first episode really tugs on the emotional strings... and does everything a first ep should do to make you want to see what is going to happen next... especially for a show I haven't really heard much of... did my eyes well up.... yes ;(
u/Anime-ultima 路 1 month ago
u/AdSJB 路 1 month ago
Looks like a Travelling Witch Elaina sorta deal. This Orb travels to view stories but not interfere with them, only standing there as an excuse for why us, the viewers are able to see the story unfold. I predict that all the faces in the cover-image for this series, will unfortunately die. The reason for their existence in the cover-image, is because the orb takes on their form afterwards, thus becoming the "protagonist" if you can even call it that.
u/AdSJB 路 1 month ago
CONTINUED: Seems this is God's envoy, sent to observe the people of their creation, in any form that has well-earned the right. The boy in this episode had unwavering determination. He sought out his fallen villages departed envoy, to confirm to himself if there was any hope at all in the distant lands that they had ensured to him there was.
u/AdSJB 路 1 month ago
EVEN MORE (sorry): Once he discovered them lying there. His hope ONLY FUELLED by what those now frozen solid corpses had given him, had completely shattered. In that instant. Thus he turned back. He had in "What if-?" Or "Maybe just a little bit further-?" Because the very people who had stood for those thoughts, were lying in front of him. Dead due to those idea's. No-one would wander faithlessly into the unknown unless they wished for their end. And he did not.
u/ifeelcold 路 3 weeks ago
I'm so glad they didn't butcher it.
u/UmerSeliya 路 1 month ago
great start. can only hope it goes on this way.
u/xXYakumoXx 路 1 month ago
OOh man I love when an anime comes out with no publicity an has such a great 1st ep can't wait for more
u/Streat 路 1 month ago
The manga is out since many years and is awesome.
u/superus_op 路 1 month ago
whatsup with soo many ads ?!!!!!
u/Sir_Robert_Viewz 路 1 month ago
u/Gurka 路 1 month ago
Man i LOVE that narrators voice
u/lllAGVClll 路 1 month ago
ok wasn't ready for it to be this good
u/SephedUp 路 1 month ago
how you make me get in my feels in the first episode bro?
u/azooz 路 2 weeks ago
i read the manga and its a great story, the only thing i dont like too much is the ending becuase im not a fan of sad endings or happy endings, thats a lie but i wont spoil the story by telling you what kind of ending it has