Gleipnir Episode 6
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4.6 (352 votes)
Aired 2 months ago
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u/Black-Bob-Ross 路 2 months ago
bowl cut man is a lil bitch
u/xXRoyalKnight5 路 1 month ago
Yo imagine they finding the wallet, and seeing these people in the end. It's going to be lit. XD
u/Shichibukai7 路 2 months ago
The ed is a bop, I love it so much

Anyway, I was genuinely concerned for Clair there for a second lol I think we all keep forgetting how young she actually is. All the sexualizing of her body is super uncomfortable to me but at least there was an older lady named this episode 馃槀

But this lady's power works similarly to Darby older from JoJo's where if you even think you betrayed her you'll get your head lopped off.
u/alecs 路 2 months ago
bruh,i really just wait a whole week for some ecchi scenes
u/sephiroth 路 1 month ago
well this guy is fucking stupid, Clair is over there risking her life to join the group and he is letting another girl he just met into him...always acting like a lil bitch. yeesh
and the guy with the camera head, geez take a fuckin' clue...
and the pink haired girl, what a fucking slut..
u/Elfin_Skye 路 1 month ago
I hate how easy Shuichi is too! I mean come on! Get a spine already!
u/DarkestElf22 路 1 month ago
I think thats what makes him a compelling character. His flaws mean he has development to undergo. I would say he could definitely use a power up and that would be easy to obtain same with Clair as they both get coins and could easily become stronger.
u/Emperor_Siyolos 路 1 month ago
bowl cut dude is every simp when they find out there favourite twitch streamer has a boyfriend
u/Kurigo 路 2 months ago
Why that man in the suit looks like mix of Suichi and Claire
u/Ryve 路 2 months ago
this episode felt to short
u/hoshiyumi 路 1 month ago
pink hair girl is annoying tbh
u/kareem-0229 路 1 month ago
can we all appreciate how quickly this anime turned from anime to hemtai
u/aeoxshin 路 1 month ago
Glasses dude crying from jealousy馃槀馃槀, what are you some kind of MC on a hentai series with NTR genre.
u/Vi_er 路 1 month ago
The Intelligence quotients of people in this comment section is some of the lowest I've ever seen
u/Mordexx 路 1 month ago
Honestly bruh whats up with this badass characters always portrayed with these bitchass crybaby mc
Example: Deku (but hes not badass just a crybaby
u/steven 路 1 month ago
hope this anime goes on for a long time
u/Kurigo 路 2 months ago
So how many hours still before release
u/Kurigo 路 2 months ago
So how many hours still before release
u/thee1brotherbear 路 2 months ago
its now!
u/alecs 路 2 months ago
lesbian bitch
u/kingk 路 1 month ago
damn Why'd it get me excited for no reason
u/supermemeboi_ 路 1 month ago
god like ep it's the 2d closet thing to hentai but that one anime that litterally reviews hook ups
u/c-chottomatte 路 1 month ago
i hate the animal girl and shuichi