Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season Episode 8
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Aired 1 week ago
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u/greatme11111 · 6 days ago
kinnoshita just be like: im so concentrated i cant pick up the dang ball
u/minty · 6 days ago
poop loop soop
u/spacecadetgen · 6 days ago
don’t you love it when they make both teams likable so you don’t know who to root for ?
u/spacecadetgen · 6 days ago
i’m living for kinoshita screen time tho , kinoshita supremacy 😌🤝😌💕
u/AspectOfTheDevil · 6 days ago
Man!! is this season only one match ?
u/MatteBruv · 5 days ago
u/jackie38 · 3 days ago
Bro doesn't Nishinoya's Grandpa look like Tanaka's Grandpa or is it just me and if it's not just me then leave give me a like.
u/jackie38 · 3 days ago
Also why is Nishinoya telling his past out of nowhere?
u/Major47_ · 19 minutes ago
Waiting for this to end so that I can binge watch season 4 as a whole