Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 132
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Aired 6 years ago
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u/anime321561 · 5 months ago
why are almost every comments on this ep for hentai
u/IzyaBoiZay · 4 months ago
I hate how they never use Knov's exits
u/Niman · 6 months ago
whyy t
u/anime321561 · 5 months ago
why are almost every comments on this ep for hentai
u/Shichibukai7 · 4 months ago
Shoubu 😂

Fuck, his En is insane. How TF will they beat him?
Maybe the best thing to think about is how to escape... 😨

Will Meruem be just an antagonist that no one in HxH can beat? Kind of like Notorious B.I.G. from JoJo's part five, no one could beat it so it's just there, forever.

Maybe Komugi could convince him to live a peaceful life... (Well until she dies, then he might go on a rampage...)

Wtf this is because Netero's sacrifice was brushed off smh 🤬
u/BeWaReJay · 2 months ago
Sorry for the spoiler but don’t worry he gets proper recognition at the end of the anime
u/ulrichvonn · 4 months ago
so the death of Netero is futile?
u/wiseman192 · 3 months ago
If knov was here to see the king's awakened aura he would have an orgasm and die on the spot
u/Jefu · 3 months ago
so basiclly meruem is stronger than netero and gon is like equal the aura of meruem so gon is like stronger than the meruem??🤔🤔🤏
u/blackEye_night · 1 month ago
i don't think gon will be able to use that power again. pitou said that she was glad it was her instead of the king who was going to die because it can be used once or something like that. idk for sure it's just a theory
u/readtape · 1 week ago
just went I thought the ant arc had already ruined the anime

me: "it can't get worse than the ant arc"

hunter x hunter: "you think so? here's episode 132"
u/pilising · 6 days ago
why wont meruem die?!!
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