Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. Episode 7
Defense and Upgrades sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Nrvnqsr · 1 month ago
The game devs must have 200+ collective years of experience in game design
u/crazyjhon · 1 month ago
Spaghetti code.
u/BigtheGoon · 1 month ago
Finally its hard for me to wait a week for this show
u/Adenela · 1 month ago
it's out fuck yea
u/Tyarles412 · 1 month ago
oh shit they're starting to speedrun
u/Draco_Rex · 1 month ago
I think it's just no gravity
u/VB304 · 1 month ago
slow the damn chat ending part
u/sugoiboi · 1 month ago
if only games gave out unique skills like this one. unfortunately this makes busted characters lol...
u/waffles536 · 1 month ago
lol maples breaking the game again xD
u/noredine · 1 month ago
She's speedrunning the game already hahaha
u/LibraryLover · 1 month ago
How can Maple have her turtle to fly on if she gave it to Kuromu? hmmm...
u/KioKurashi · 1 month ago
It was a new day I think.
u/Uoza · 1 month ago
u/Uoza · 1 month ago
u/Lazybun · 1 month ago
surprised the devs didn't make a comment.
u/gabriell · 1 month ago
i realy love this anime
u/gabriell · 1 month ago
arrrhhhgggg i can't wait till next episode arrgghhhhh
u/Djtrizzle · 1 month ago
they used the entire episode to build up to the guardian angel joke.
u/danehollow · 1 month ago
is a bit different from the LN but, i hope they show us the savage skill soon enough. cant wait for the appearance of most op of maple's skill!
u/noredine · 1 month ago
is he gonna be a Payne in the ass
u/StackingBullion · 1 month ago
I think we all know the bewilderment of completing a quest before realising we ever started it...
u/Jacara · 1 month ago
Back in the early days of WoW I maxed out my unarmed skill with my Mage. When my guild asked why I said I wanted a level playfield when fighting Ret Paladins lol
u/hamuza_222 · 1 month ago
the chat in the really make me laugh a lot 😂