Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) Episode 1
Ryoumen Sukuna sub

4.8 (586 votes)
Aired 2 months ago
Updated November 28, 2020 · 52.1k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/bossgammer1 · 2 months ago
at last it came out😍😍🥰😆.........u guys should watch this anime really this anime has a manga 2 anyway u should watch it....😊
u/emmanime_ · 2 months ago
1000 years later and auengine still doesnt come back and the app still isnt fixed
u/Blursotong77 · 2 months ago
what the hell is up the ads? Jeez, i need to clean my eyes with bleach
u/KittyKat1818181 · 6 days ago
Get an adblocker
u/evelyria · 4 days ago
unfortunately if you adblock it, it doesn't play :(
u/fireballz · 2 months ago
People been hyping this up it better be good
u/kachigamanibba · 2 months ago
not loading bruh
u/xJimix · 2 months ago
Wasn't this supposed to be released in October?
u/SinOfHatred · 2 months ago
Why was it released early
u/skies · 2 months ago
oml the website full of weird stuff like pop up jesus
u/ByanJoseph · 2 months ago
what anime is this bout?
u/Anulackk · 2 months ago
cool , very interesting
u/AkitoKun · 2 months ago
good episode
u/Woethebro · 2 months ago
"bro, its my body" favourite line of this anime
u/Zora_Ideale · 2 months ago
this anime is..... EPIC
u/palbar · 2 months ago
loading forever😠
u/Sreekar · 2 months ago
Bro This One of the few sites which doesnt bombard u with 1000 ads per click
u/Samuel111 · 2 months ago
bro wtf is this too many fuckings ads in google not worth to watch it here in app is better but still has loading problems i wonder when are you going to fix that?
u/LuckyChan · 2 months ago
imma watch this it seems really interesting
u/SoulEspada · 1 month ago
first episode is fire
u/SoulEspada · 1 month ago
first episode is fire
u/Ra1Kag3 · 1 month ago
Gonna Start This Jujitsu Anime Today. 🤩