Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 24
See You in Kabukicho! dub

4.6 (113 votes)
Aired 6 months ago
Updated September 20, 2020 · 3.1k Views · by u/Xythar


u/Blightgod · 5 months ago
such an underrated gem.... i do realise that the show was kinda slow and was bit boring in the middle... but man the main story was so good, especially the ending. It was worth watching it whole.
u/Komyn · 6 months ago
This series was fabulous. I was not expecting the explorations into personality disorders to go so deep, and they really wrapped things up nicely with this ending. I don't think they can pull off a season 2 without lowering the level of storytelling, but I'd be down to watch if they tried.
u/kingu · 5 months ago
Totally awesome show!
Easily one of the best this season, didnt even have very high expectations from former animes including Sherlock but its nice, having read all Arthur C. Doyles books; how they can make it completely different yet keeping the original roles of Sherlock & Watson as MC and protagonist while Moriarty being the ult.antagonis.
Its in the ballpark of kekkai sensen/ & Bungokyo straydogs but different genrewise. 8.5/10 atleast though.
u/kingu · 5 months ago
and *this* Ending ep. was spectacular!
the way it plays backwards op/ed wise and show, so in the end after watson falls - its gebtly looped/twisted/turned into \welcoming you to the neon-lit backstreets swirming with cats...The Kabukichou district!/
So great on many levels:)
u/kingu · 5 months ago
Since it was very open-ended too with M still loose, Holmes and Watson bonding a lil then has new resolve in them..
So a S2 might come, dont mind if it does:)
It was still great enough of a last episode I'm very pleased anyway. ^_^
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