Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko Episode 6
Monster Hunting, with the Slimes sub

4.4 (180 votes)
Aired 3 weeks ago
Updated November 30, 2020 · 8.1k Views · by u/BROWNlE


u/AotsukiHime · 3 weeks ago
It's a shame they changed the story so much... The battle with the goblins looked way too easy compared to the original which took the entire guild to beat. They've missed so much out and changed so much compared to the LN and manga, but that's my fault for expecting it to be the same.
u/AverageOtaku · 3 weeks ago
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u/AdSJB · 3 weeks ago
Isekai's don't always have to be amazing. They don't need to always have some deep plotline, a major reveal or something. It can just be a fun to watch adventure. If people enjoy watching this, don't shame their enjoyment of it. It night not be necessarily "good" but it's not bad either. It's neutral, and I really enjoy Neutral Isekai. Even if nothing is going on. :)
u/corndish · 3 weeks ago
no its just bad
u/rhenzz · 3 weeks ago
its like "Isekai wa Sumātofon to Tomo ni (In Another World with my smartphone)" vibes
u/Risk · 3 weeks ago
not same at all LOL you know storyline this anime and in Another World with my smartphone?
u/wolfey_hentai · 2 weeks ago
bruh why is it not working for me
u/wolfey_hentai · 2 weeks ago
bruh why is it not working for me